3 Powerful Ways to Make the Most of Your Fein Multimaster Tool

For decades homeowners have used drilling and sawing tools to carry out small repairs and installations around their homes. But finding a handyman or electrician in remote areas to carry out emergency repairs like broken plumbing and electrical leakages or broken furniture   is difficult, so people generally keep a set of tools for these tasks. In last few decades, Fein multimaster tools, with their ability to adopt multi-tool blades, have earned its own place of pride in this collection. The prowess of the aftermarket Fein multi-master tool which also has a cooling fan to prevent overheating makes it the ideal tool for heavy duty tasks.

Here are three uses for the handy tool that we are sure you can make the most of.

Remove adhesive and residue off sticky floors

If you have recently carried out a flooring task and have used either linoleum or vinyl, there are 90 percent chances that small blobs of adhesive would be stuck to the floor edges. As these are not likely to come off by using a knife or chisel that could damage the floor, you can try using a replacement Fein multimaster tool. This tool with the right blade can neatly remove the offensive stuff leaving the floor blemish free.

Removing roots and branches

Living in the suburbs with plenty of green cover in the neighborhood can be very soothing in summers but when the roots of these grow into rainwater drains or their extensive branches try to enter into windows then this boon can become a bane. By using tools with multimaster blades for cutting off wood you can keep them in check by not allowing roots and branches to penetrate the boundary wall.

Grout removal

Worried about grout after replacing your old kitchen ceramic tiles with fancy new glass tiles? If you own aftermarket Fein multi tool blades then the task will be a breezy affair as the tool’s sharp blade will easily shave off extra grout without harming the new tiles. The tool, with its sleek design which also has 70% less vibration than others, is ideal for delicate tasks like these.

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