4 DIY Carpentering Tasks You Can Accomplish With Multi-Tool Blades

Today there are several replicas of the once famous Fein multimaster tool that are being used by carpenters and handymen around the world for tasks like metal and wood cutting, sawing, drilling, scraping and grinding etc. A busy carpenter would not waste his time carrying out small tasks like repairing broken furniture or polishing its dull surface with varnish. So if you own a replacement multimaster tool made by any of the top brands, then carrying out any of these wood-work tasks or making wooden objects like a toy airplane will be a cakewalk.

Setting up a new door – Front doors have a higher damage rate as they are exposed to rain and sun, so why not get a new one and try fixing it up yourself? All you would require is a powerful multimaster oscillating tool with multi tool blades to setup the door. Take precise measurements to ensure that the door fits into place, though your aftermarket Bosch multi tool blades can cut back the baseboard and set up door jambs.

Bathroom shelf installation – Instead of letting old wooden crates rot away, why not use it to make small shelves and cupboards in bathroom or empty spaces in galleries for storage? Tasks from cutting the wood into shape and fixing it into the wall after making holes in the plaster can be done with the aftermarket multimaster tool with just a few multi tool blades.

Repairing broken furniture – A common problem after fixing a handle or leg of old furniture is the discolored look of the new piece. To make it look better the entire piece has to be sanded and a fresh coat of paint or varnish has to be applied again. From removing screws of the broken piece to installing the new one and sanding it all you will need is a handy cordless replacement dremel multimaster tool with multimaster blades.

Backyard deck – Summer time is perfect for setting up a barbeque and cooking meals outside. With the right replacement Fein multi blade tools are all you need to cut the right sized wooden planks to make a backyard deck for barbeque. Tasks like smoothing the wooden pieces into shape, sanding the rough surfaces and cutting the screws/nails to meld with the planks can be carried out with a single tool.

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