4 Things to Look For When Purchasing Your New Oscillating Tool


Every home handyman needs an oscillating tool which is great for doing precision work when sanding, scraping, trimming, chiseling or cutting. This is the tool of choice when cutting outlets, undercutting trim or cutting in flush trim moldings. There are four things to consider when looking to purchase a new oscillating tool:

(1) Weight and Balance
The first is the weight of the tool and how comfortable it feels when you hold it in your hand. Make sure that the body of the tool has enough mass to feel comfortable when the unit is turned on. Some oscillating tools that are compact feel good until they are turned on and the weight of the machine isn’t a good fit for the amount of vibration that the machine generates.

(2) Vibrational Strength
The second thing to look for is the amount of vibration that can be felt once the tool is turned on. A tool with excessive vibration can actually be painful to use on larger products that take more than a few minutes. So be careful when purchasing small cordless oscillating tools because their weight and vibration may make them an uncomfortable tool to handle for more than very small jobs lasting a few minutes.

(3) Power Source
The third thing to look for when purchasing a new oscillating tool is the type of power source it uses. Many small units are cordless and need to be plugged in when not in use in order to charge the battery. If it’s a battery charged unit, how many minutes can you use the tool before it needs a recharging? Does the battery offer any sort of guarantee on how long it will last before you have to spend additional money on a replacement? Are batteries for the oscillating tool easy to find as well as affordable? Larger oscillating tools for bigger jobs such as stripping tile mortar are units that operate only by attached power cord. If you want the versatility of attached cord as well as cordless battery operated, look for an oscillating tool that allows you to switch back and forth between the two power sources so you have flexibility if your work area has no electrical outlets.

(4) Accessories
The fourth thing to look for when investing in a new oscillating tool is the amount of accessories that come with the unit so it can be as versatile in its uses as possible. Some oscillating tools come equipped with a nice assortment of accessories to get you started and then you can purchase additional accessories as needed to make the tool even more versatile.

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