5 DIY Home Improvement Tasks You Can Do With Oscillating Tools

The versatile oscillating tool may be a handyman’s best friend for his trade, but if you are the kind that prefers to carry out small home improvement tasks personally, then this tool can become your favorite go-to gadget. With the wide variety of multi-tool blades available in the market, the oscillating tool helps you cut through wood, plastic, and even metals without any trouble.

The oscillating tool provides twin advantages of rotation along with back-and-forth motion along with the option of using multiple blades and discs.

Cure wood furniture – Replacing a broken leg or arm of a piece of furniture always leaves room for sharp edges that can cut into the skin. These can easily be sorted by sanding out its surface with appropriate oscillating tool blades meant for sanding wooden surfaces.

Remove rust – This can help to remove rust from HVAC systems that are exposed to the elements and metal garden furniture. Instead of spending hours with sandpaper, just scrape off the rust with a sanding pad on the tool and apply a fresh coat of paint or polish.  

Remove old sealants – Door and window sealants and those around sanitary fittings have a tendency to wear off over a period of time and applying a new coat is useless without removing the old one. Instead of trying to chip it away with a chisel and hammer, why not use a steel scraper type blade to cut through all kinds of sealant within minutes.

Cut old pipes and screws – If you want to replace rusted sections of old pipes and plumbing, then cut them easily with this tool instead of struggling with a hacksaw blade. Rusted screws tend to sink deep inside the surface, making removal a difficult task which can become easy with use of the right blade on oscillating tool.

Scraping off old paint – Peeling paint off due to mildew or moisture can look very ugly and removing it with sandpaper can be a tedious and time-consuming task.  Easily remove old paint with a sanding tool and make the material perfect for a fresh coat of paint.

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