5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades

Simple tasks like drilling holes in the wall or sanding rust and drywall, even repairing broken furniture, can be done easily with the help of an oscillating tool. The advantage of using Fein oscillating multi-tool blades is that you can accomplish many different tasks quickly. While the multi-tool cannot replace saws and drills, it is an absolute necessity in every toolbox so that you can perform small tasks around the house.

To ensure that your oscillating tool works perfectly for years, you have to take care of it during and after usage.

Clean and polish blades after use – Instead of using cheap Fein blades, always invest in high quality blades for your tool and take care of them by cleaning them after every use. Leaving metal or wood debris or grease on the blades can lead to the deterioration of the multi-tool over a period of time.

Avoid overworking power tools – When tools are overworked, they tend to overheat, which affects their motor if not switched off immediately. Cutting through hard materials like wood and metal can stress out the oscillating tool

Calibrate regularly – As precision instruments, oscillating multi-tools should be recalibrated for several hours after usage to ensure that they are in perfect alignment and all the multi tool blades are still sharp.

Tool Lubrication - Like every small and large tool used for mechanical tasks, the oscillating multi-tool should also be lubricated to keep its parts from chafing and corroding. The owner’s manual will have details about when and how to lubricate, as well as information as to when the multi-tool should be calibrated.

Replace worn out parts – In the same way that everything gets worn down with usage, so do parts of a multi-tool. The most common parts that get worn out are carbon brushes, power cords, oscillating tool metal cutting blades, and drill bits, which get damaged over a period of time.

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