5 Essential Oscillating Tool Blades

An oscillating tool is an ideal tool to have available. You can use it for a wide range of projects, from getting rid of grout to removing paint to smoothing surfaces. To achieve the best results on any project, you’ll want to be sure you are using the right attachment for the job. The following are five essential oscillating tool blades that you might use for a broad array of tasks.

A Standard Multi Tool Blade

You can choose from various sized standard blades, depending on the project you need to do. When you need to cut through wood, particle board, drywall and more, this kind of blade can save you time and effort. Such a blade is small enough to utilize for work that requires particular attention to fine details, such as when you are cutting away the molding on a wall. If you use an ordinary saw for such a project, you might cause damage to the wall, but using an oscillating tool with a standard blade can help you do the job cleanly and efficiently.  

A Grout Removal Blade

Removing grout can be a tedious job if you don’t have the proper equipment. As its name suggests, a grout removal blade is designed specifically for this task. Using a different kind of tool, such as a manual grout removal tool, could make the job take much longer than necessary. When you’re equipped with an oscillating tool and a grout removal blade, you can get the job done quickly.

Carbide Tip/Flush Cut Blade

If you need to cut through pipe, this is a blade you’ll appreciate. This blade is powerful enough to cut through pipe and similar metal objects with ease. In addition to pipe, this type of blade might also be used to cut through nails and screws (and even bolts). Some carbide tip blades have tiny teeth, so you can easily sink them into the most durable of materials, such as sheet metal or cast iron. Trying to cut through metal with a different type of tool could be frustrating and time-consuming, but an oscillating tool with a carbide tip/flush cut blade can spare you from much exasperation.

The Scraper Blade

When you need to remove paint, a scraper blade is exactly the tool you’ll want to have handy. Using a putty knife for this kind of job could take several tedious hours, depending on how much paint (and how many layers of it) you’re removing. A scraper blade can be used to shave away old paint effortlessly. You can also utilize this blade to remove carpet and tile adhesive.

A Saw Blade

This may be one of the most versatile of all of the oscillating tool blades. You can use a saw blade to cut through a broad assortment of materials, such as plaster or drywall. A saw blade might even be used to cut through hardwood if you don’t have a hardwood blade available. If you’re restoring an old window, you can use this blade to get rid of the glazing. You can also utilize it to cut openings in various flooring materials with precision and efficiency.  

Once you start using an oscillating tool, you will probably wonder how you ever got along without it. This tool will prove to be indispensable when you are working on numerous jobs. Just be sure to utilize the right blade for each task, so you can maximize your work time and prevent unnecessary frustration. For the highest quality blades around at the lowest prices on the market, shop for all your multi-tool replacement blades at Fitz All Blades. Carrying a variety of blades to fit mutli-tools from the top name brand manufacturers, Fitz All Blades is your one stop shop for all your DIY needs. Get on your way to finer craftsmanship with every cut and shop Fitz All Blades today!

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