5 Reasons Why an Oscillating Multi-Tool is a Must Have for Any Toolkit

If you have yet to invest in an oscillating multi-tool for your craftsman toolkit, you are missing out on the 5 benefits below. Even if you are new to woodworking or handiwork, an oscillating tool is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again.


There are many tools in your workshop that are essential, yet are only designed for very specific tasks–such as a hammer. While the need for a hammer is evident, it is not a particularly versatile tool. However, when you invest in an oscillating multi-tool you can use it for everything from cutting wood, sanding, and even removing grout. To increase the versatility of your new tool, you can invest in additional multi-tool replacement blades, attachments, and accessories.

Improved Accuracy

Using an oscillating tool can mean the difference between an at-home project that looks as if it was completed by a novice, and an at-home project that looks as though it was completed by a professional. Your new tool will help to improve both your accuracy and precision, which are far more difficult to achieve by hand.

Increased Speed

Even if you are able to achieve accuracy and precision with your other handheld and non-electronic tools, your oscillating tool is likely to decrease the time it takes for you to complete your projects. In fact, when it comes to sanding and removing grout—you can expect to reduce your time by more than half.

Adjustable Speed Settings

If you have yet to invest in an oscillating tool, due to your concern for control—there is no need to worry. Your new tool comes with an adjustable speed dial, which allows you to work at the rate you desire. In fact, some of the materials you need to cut will require a higher speed setting.

Easy To Learn To Use

There are many power tools that require specialty training before you can use them with safety and accuracy. While you must of course understand how to operate your new oscillating multi-tool with safety, learning how to use your tool in a safe and precise manner takes only a few practice runs on spare pieces of wood and other materials. The on/off switch is easy to access when working, and the tool is both powerful and lightweight. 

The 5 benefits above are just a few reasons both novice and avid craftsmen should add an oscillating versatile multi-tool to their toolkit. While there is no end to the ways you can use an oscillating mutli-tool throughout your home, it all begins with having the right blade for the job. For the best oscillating tool blades on the market, at the lowest prices around, shop the selection of high-quality multi-tool replacement blades and accessories at Fitz All Blades. Each oscillating multi-tool blade at Fitz All Blades is made with the best quality materials to help you cut your work time in half on any project.

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