6 Quick Tips on Using Replacement Fein Multi-Master Blades

Known as the boss of all hand-held power tools, the Fein Multi-master has retained its reputation as a multi-purpose tool for handymen for several decades. In the past 140 years since its founder Wilhelm Fein produced the first handheld drilling machine, the firm has managed to add several accessories to carry out wide variety of tasks ranging from removing paint and molding to cutting metal and plastic. While multi-tool blades in general cannot be interchanged between brands, adaptors make it easy to use cheap multi tool blades according to requirement.

Here are tips on using replacement Fein multi-master blades to get the best out of your tool without compromising on the quality of finish and budget.

E-Cut Saw Blades – These are for the professionals as these blades can cut through all types of construction materials like hardwood, laminate, tiles, metal etc. Made with robust bimetal teeth, these blades can even cut nails embedded in wood easily.

Bi-metal blades – These blades are ideal for cutting soft metals like copper, sheet metal, PVC and wire mesh without any stress. These blades are available in different sizes and shapes that can be used to cut embedded screws in tight corners.

Multi-cutter blades – For multiple tasks like scraping cement, drywall, vinyl, linoleum and wall-paper from floors and walls, our replacement Fein multimaster oscillating tool blades can be used to remove undesired materials without damaging the surface.

Saw blades – These saw blades are made of steel with high carbon content and have thick gauge to cleanly cut through wood, fiberglass and metal too. Besides, Fein saw blades are compatible with most oscillating tools and have markets to enable accurate gauging.

Sanding blade – An essential piece of every multi tool blades set, the sanding blade needs to be fitted into a sanding pad which is perfect for smoothing out rough surfaces by rapid oscillation movements.   

Scraper blade – Peeling paint or stained walls are ugly eyesores and removing them with a multi-tool is an easy task when done with a scraper blade. This can do the work with much more finesse than a regular sandpaper and a sanding pad can smooth the surface.

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