Adding Versatility to Your Tool Belt With an Oscillating Multi Tool

Adding an oscillating multi-tool to your tool belt will add versatility to your skill set - and your toolkit. With a full set of replacement blades and accessories, you can complete a wide variety of projects using just this one tool. This is one of the reasons oscillating multi-tools have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the right attachment for your multi-tool, you can cut, sand, grind, drill, scrape, and polish. 

Types of Multi-Tools

There used to be a patent on multi-tools held by one company. When that expired several years ago, most major power tool brands began to sell a multi-tool (or tools) of their own. These tools are now more widely available than ever before.  

Corded multi-tools have been joined by cordless multi-tools thanks to improvements in motor technology and battery power. Oscillating multi-tools exist for specific applications as well as for more broad use. You can find multi-tools specifically for carpentry or automotive uses, as well as for tiling or window repair. What's exceptional about oscillating multi-tools is that even if you purchase one that is made for a specific project, you can always purchase other attachments or accessories for it, which allows you to perform an even greater range of tasks than just the one task that the multi tool was originally purchased for. 

Professional multi-tool sets are widely available, as well as those geared toward hobbyists or first-time multi-tool buyers. Prices for multi-tools reflect this variety as well, with some basic models selling for as low as $20. 

Blades, Bits, and Other Attachments

An oscillating multi-tool's utility is in its ability to do a variety of tasks well. But, a tool like this is only as good as its attachments. Make sure you're buying the best oscillating tool blades, drill bits, scrapers, and other attachments that you can afford. 

Most multi-tool kits come with a range of attachments and accessories. These items can be expected to last many years if not the entire life of the tool itself. Blades, drill bits, and sanding attachments (among others) typically wear down with use and will need to be replaced. 

Multi-tool replacement blades that are high quality will allow you to complete your project with precision and accuracy. This holds true for other accessories as well. This reliable accuracy and precision will help you get the job done faster, which is likely why you purchased your oscillating multi-tool in the first place - to add versatility to your toolkit while speeding up the time it takes you to switch from tool to tool. 

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