Advantages of a Tool-Free Mounting System on Oscillating Tools

Oscillating Tools are being used more frequently by carpenters, mechanics and handymen for various jobs.  Oscillating tools have a cordless option and range from one hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars. Horsepower, versatility, quality and brand name all play a factor when it comes to the price and ratings of the tool. Traditionally, if you wanted to mount an attachment on an oscillating tool, it required a screw and an Allen wrench. Needing a tool in order to use another tool isn't convenient, and the fact that misplacing an Allen wrench can put a power tool out of operation is ludicrous.  When an oscillating tool can be made easier to use, it should be.

Tool-Free Mounting: A Great New Design

Oscillating tools that offer tool-free mounting attachments are new on the market.  Many brands are switching to the tool-free design, but each brand’s design has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  By adding a flip lever and flange, an adapter or other hardware to the design, manufacturers are changing the tool’s working capabilities. For example, one design reduces the cutting capability of the oscillating tool by half an inch, but if that tool is to be used for mainly sanding, grinding or embossing then that cutting depth loss is inconsequential.  In comparison, the ease of changing attachments, for that same tool, makes it worthwhile.  

The tool attachments and various oscillating tool brands are now in the process of becoming interchangeable. This new standardization is critical for the oscillating tool to become as popular as the power drill or saw.  In reviews, the tool-free mounting system is a big factor in achieving high ratings. Convenience and dependability are also taken into account when determining ratings. Oscillating tools that have achieved high reviews all have the tool-free mounting system.  Even the Men’s Journal weighs in suggesting the tool-free option. With some oscillating tools having up to 30 interchangeable attachments and blades to meet any project need, a tool-free mounting plate is a great advantage for any craftsman looking to speed up the process.

For a Complete Win, the Most Versatile Tool is Now Most Convenient

An oscillating tool is the most versatile tool a DIYer can have. While these tools were once very expensive and tricky to use, the tool-free mounting design makes it a must-have for everyone.

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