Benefits of Cutting the Cord on your Oscillating Tool

The Oscillating tool is a tool that every household should have. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used for various jobs, from sanding to cutting. Mechanics tool expert, Roy Berendsohn states, "If there's another device that does everything as well as an oscillating tool, I'd like to see it.” Jobs such as, grinding grout in the corner of a shower, etching your name on your tools or any number of other applications are not always conveniently located next to an outlet. Tiny spaces that seem inaccessible still require work, so finding a tool that can handle any type of project in any environment, makes the most sense.

Jobs for Cordless Oscillating Tools Only

Sanding the inside of a drawer or cupboard is quick and easy with a cordless oscillating tool; the job will get done right without ever having to worry about getting tangled.  Climbing up and down a ladder is another great example of a time when a cordless multi-tool is a must-have.  Edges and corners next to the ceiling are no problem with this feature. Additionally, reaching into tight areas for grinding or shaving metal is a task that would be hard to complete, without the cordless option.

Great Options for Going Cordless

When buying cordless, there are many options available at various price points. Over the past few years, Dremel has been the industry’s leader when it pertains to the oscillating multi-tool, but in reviews, they have been known to strain when under pressure.

The Fein MultiMaster AFMM14 is powerful enough to handle any job that comes its way, and the quality of this brand will last as well. The price point on this tool is steep, but it may be worth the expense depending on the expected use. 

The Bosch PS50-2B is at a much more reasonable price-point, but the hex head design can be inconvenient for some. Decide on what the tool will be used for and what features are important to the person using it to determine if this particular brand is for you.

Milwaukee's 2426-22 has the same hex head issue as the Bosch brand and is at a similar price point. This tool has a lower voltage but still puts out powerful results. 

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