Bosch Blades and Multi Tools Revolutionize Craftsmanship

New tools come out all the time. Some of them are really helpful to almost anyone, and some are so specialized that the average person wouldn’t use it more than a few times in a lifetime. Probably the most useful type of tool to come out of the last decade or so is the oscillating multi tool. These things are rugged, precise, versatile, and easy to operate and control. They are similar in some ways to rotary-motion power tools, but the blades on these tools oscillate back and forth at an incredible speed, making them perfect for sawing, fine cutting, trimming, shaping, sanding, scraping, and polishing. While many companies have produced their own version of the multi tool, Bosch has really led the pack with several models: the MX25EC-21 Multi-X, MX25EK-33 Multi-X , PS50B 12-Volt Max Multi-X and the PS50B-RT. All of these are great tools that can do just about anything you can think of. The real key is in the Bosch blades, which allow any of these multi tools to accomplish a huge array of tasks.

Using the right combination of Bosch multi tool and Bosch blades you can cut wood, plastic, fiberglass, carpet, cardboard, sheet metal, foam, and many other materials. You can scrape tile grout, dried concrete or paint. You can score concrete or stone, shape wood, or polish metal. This one tool and a few blades is like having a whole truck load of standard tools.

One of the big advantages to using the Bosch blades with a multi tool is savings. You don’t have to buy or replace as many tools when you have one reliable piece of equipment that can transform into a dozen or more different tools with just a quick blade switch-out.

Maybe you already have a whole garage full of power tools. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to lug them around all the time! Would you rather haul around a circular saw, power sander, polishing tool, reciprocating saw, scroll saw, band saw, and scraping tools or grab one Bosch multi tool and a shirt pocket full of practically weightless blades? Call me lazy, but I prefer to travel light.

Traveling light is not just a matter of convenience. It’s also a matter of safety and a matter of quality. Heavy, awkward tools are harder to use with precision. They are also harder to carry and to fit into tight or inaccessible spaces. If you only tinker in a well-stocked workshop with plenty of space and a million outlets for juice, you may not worry about these things. If you are like most craftsmen, you occasionally have to carry your tools over ice, through mud, up ladders, down rickety basement steps, into crawlspaces, onto roofs, or who knows where else. This is not fun. The Bosch multi tools don’t exactly make it fun either, but they do make it more tolerable because they are so lightweight and easy to pop into a bag or carrying case you can just hang from a belt or
shoulder harness.

Considering all the money and stress that these multi tools can save you, it’s pretty easy to see why craftsmen all over the world see these as the wave of the future. Really the only ongoing expense is for replacement blades. These can add up, depending on how much you use the tool. The Bosch blades are not as expensive as some, but they can still hurt the wallet after a while. The tool really lasts, but any blade for any power tool is going to need to be replaced eventually. Most of the craftsmen I have talked to so far about multi tools recommend as the best source for replacement multi tool blades that are just as precise and tough as the name brand blades but cost ½ to 1/5 of the price.

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