Different Types of Oscillating Tool Blades and It’s Uses

In the realm of traditional tools, like circular saws, table saws, drivers, and drills, there is a professional oscillating power tool capable of performing continuous home improvements and other DIY tasks. It is a quick problem solver for many situations faced by cabinet makers, woodworkers, carpenters, etc. It also makes big construction projects much faster and simpler to complete, especially when compared with rotatory tools. The motion of the oscillating power tool is different from that of a conventional power saw: it doesn’t rotate like a circular saw or jig saw, instead the flat metal blades oscillate in a side to side movement with minimum vibration for accurate cuts. The versatile power tool can grind, sand, scrape, cut, flush-cut, and plunge-cut even in the tightest of spaces. The tool comes with various attachments, including grinding discs, saw blades of various shapes and sizes, and sanding pads.

Different Types of Oscillating Tool Blades

If you’re planning to do a home renovation project, having the right power tool accessories can make the job less stressful. There is a comprehensive selection of blades cable of being used on tough materials, all of which can carry out a wide range of tasks. The quality of your work depends solely on the type of oscillating multi-tool blades you’re using. It is important to purchase the right brand that matches your budget and cutting needs. Here’s a rundown of the famous types and styles of oscillating multi-tool blades.

1. Fein Oscillating Blades

The German made oscillating tool blades with an 8-lobe-star pattern mounting system were initially designed to be used only with the Fein MultiMaster power tool. Later the company manufactured multi-mount blades with a 12-hole pattern around the 8-lobe-star pattern. These can be used in any oscillating power tool and without the help of an adaptor. Standard blades and universal blades are the two essential categories of Fein blades. The standard blade, having carbon steel teeth, is ideal for cutting soft materials, including drywall, softwoods, and plastics. The universal blades featuring bi-metal teeth make perfect cut-outs, trim cuts, and plunge cuts, and they are ideal for cutting metal and hardwood. The blades are a better choice for renovation work when you need to cut through nails and screws. Match the cutting speed to the type of material and get the maximum life out of your blade. The regular use of blades can wear and tear down in the long run. Buy replacements for your Fein oscillating tool and save more working time. Visit us to purchase our high quality and low-cost replacement blades that perfectly fit into your existing power tool. These blades come in different sizes and shapes and they’re great for carrying out various tasks, like trimming, cutting, scraping, polishing and sawing. Call 1-724-305-4148 - we guarantee fast shipping!

2. Dremel Multi-Max Blades  

The Dremel oscillating tool blades come in various styles and shapes for performing fast cuts on hard materials. The universal quick-fit system makes it compatible to work on all oscillating power tools. The flush cut blades come with four blades free of brackets, offering more value to the cutting applications. These blades also known for their fast accessory changes and ability to fit into the universal adapters of branded oscillating tools. The wood and drywall saw blade can make precise cuts on soft materials such as pine. It is best for high-performance material-cutting applications such as repairing damaged flooring and removing glazing for window restoration. The multi-flex carbide blades are perfect for detailed sanding and filing on small intricate parts. The drywall jab saw blade is designed to make both straight and curved cuts around electrical boxes and recessed lighting. The flexible scraper blade designed with a universal quick fit interface is used for peeling off thick paint coats and removing caulk and other adhesive residues. If you’re a builder, contractor, or craftsman using Dremel multi-max blades, we suggest you replace them with our aftermarket Fitz ALL Blades to make your remodeling and renovation projects less overwhelming.

3. Rockwell Sonicrafter Blades

The Rockwell Sonicrafter power tool creates a high-frequency oscillation motion perfect for sanding, cutting, sawing, rasping, and scraping. The lightweight power tool uses different Rockwell Sonicrafter blades that are adaptable to other brands. The RW8981K 6-piece end cut blade kit includes standard, precision, and bi-metal end-cut blades ideal for cutting plastic, wood, fiberglass, and hardened fillers. The triangular carbide grit rasp blade can be used for rasping wood, grinding hardened adhesives, and removing aggressive materials. The semicircle saw blade is perfect for plunge, linear, and flush cutting. The semicircular shape makes it ideal for reaching easily into corners or for flushing against adjoining surfaces. The high-speed steel blades are used to cut non-ferrous metals, plastic, thin wood, etc. The serrated slicer and scraper blade can slice materials such as cardboard and carpet. It can also scrape and remove hardened adhesives, thick paint coatings, residues, etc. If you own a Rockwell Sonicrafter multi-tool, you can replace your existing blade with aftermarket oscillating multi-tool blades for improved results. Visit our online store to perform any craftsmen job with ease.

Find versatile, durable, and high-quality blade sets at affordable prices. We stock a wide variety of replacement oscillating multi-tool blades for different cutting needs. These blades ensure top-notch work for woodworkers, DIYers, and construction professionals. Place your order today to ease your construction work or daily routine maintenance.

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