Dremel Blades can Make Almost Anyone’s Life Easier

Dremel tools have become legendary among do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen.  Their wide variety of tools has revolutionized a number of professions and hobbies, including carpentry, remodeling, plumbing, sculpting, and the fine arts.  The classic rotating / spinning Dremel tool has so many adapters for drilling, cutting, sanding, polishing, sharpening, and shaping that many Dremel users claim that they have hardly touch any of their other tools since they bought a Dremel.


Now Dremel has taken it up yet another notch by expanding its line of tools into oscillating movements.  Oscillating multi-tools have become a favorite among craftsmen and hobbyists, especially for heavy-duty cutting, scraping, sanding, and polishing.  Now Dremel has created its own MULTIMAX oscillating tool and (of course) a wide variety of Dremel blades to use with the tool.  Just like the rotating tool attachments, the Dremel blades for the MULTIMAX are clever, useful, and well-made.  You can find Dremel blades that will cut, clean, shape or polish a range of materials, including soft and hard woods, tile, carpet, cardboard, particle board, fiberglass, metals, plastics, concrete, and just about anything else you could think of.  Dremel’s MULTIMAX can help you to zip through your repair, remodeling, upgrading, or construction jobs much more quickly and efficiently.


One of the best things about multi-tools like the MULTIMAX is that they allow you to travel light.  Anyone who has ever lugged around two or more giant tool boxes to a job can appreciate that.  In a lot of cases, you can just grab a MULTIMAX, a handful of Dremel blades, and head out the door.  That means fewer headaches, faster work, and less likelihood of losing things.  It’s also good when you are working in tight or less accessible spaces to have one light tool instead of a giant box of different tools.  This kind of convenience can also save your back and muscles from the strains and aches that even young and healthy craftsmen can get from trying to haul a ton of tools up ladders or over treacherous terrain.


Before investing in a multi-tool, you should be aware that blade replacement costs can add up.  Depending on how much work you do with your multi-tool, you can go through even the highest quality blades pretty quickly.  We are usually not talking about cutting Styrofoam with these things.  Most people use them to cut some pretty tough materials, and this can wear out even the best blades pretty fast.  No matter how long the tool lasts, any kind of blade or attachment for a power tool will eventually wear out.  Oscillating blades are no exception.   Dremel blades are not as expensive as some of the other brands, but the costs can still add up.  You can find replacement blades for the Dremel MULTIMAX provided by independent manufacturers who charge a fraction of name-brand prices for replacement blades of equal quality to the name-brands.  Among these companies, FitzALLblades.com has earned a reputation as being the very best source for excellent replacement blades for Dremel, Fein, and Rockwell oscillating tools.  The blade quality and durability is just as impressive as the name-brand blades, but the price usually ranges from one half to one fifth.

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