Fein Blades for the Win: When Nothing Will Do But An Oscillating Multi Tool

Have you ever thought to yourself, My oscillating multi tool and Fein blades and attachments make me better than everyone else! No? Well, it’s good that you’re humble, but having an oscillating multi tool can definitely help you keep up with the Joneses. The following jobs and projects are perfect for an oscillating multi tool and might just bring out your inner DIY hubris.


Doors and Floors

Trimming door jambs to fit laminate or other flooring can be a real pain if you don’t have the right tools. Sure, traditional hand saws can get the job done, but comparing their efficiency to that of a multi tool is like comparing a horse-and-buggy to a Dodge Caravan.

The first step for trimming door jambs (for both hand saws and multi tools) is to mark the height needed in order for the flooring to fit nicely under the door jamb. At this point, a hand saw will slide its gritty teeth into your door jambs like a famished piranha, leaving unsightly scars and creating even more work! An oscillating multi tool, on the other hand, is more precise allows you to make a clean, controlled cut. First, place a floor tile next to the jamb. Next, use the floor tile as a guide, slipping a flush-cut blade (recommended for this situation) in and out of the door jamb like a knife through butter.


Grout/Caulk Removal

Putty knives and scrapers are all well and good, but old, stubborn caulk and grout sometimes need something more forceful to make them go away. With the right attachments, oscillating multi tools make quick work of entrenched gunk. Special grout-removal Fein blades, such as the Fein Multimaster Carbide Grout Blade, make scraping grout practically enjoyable.

As for caulk, use a sharpened steel scraper blade to slice right through it. Since oscillating multi tools merely vibrate at high speeds, there is little risk of damaging the area around the caulk (oscillating multi tools are even safe to touch while active, according to this brave YouTuber - skip to 0:51 for proof).


Oscillating multi tools are not ideal for sanding all the wood needed to build a house, but they do have their niche. For smaller scale sanding jobs, such as door and window frames or at-home woodworking, oscillating sanders are unparalleled. One major reason for this is that multi tools are particularly good for hard-to-reach places, like the inside corners of an already-assembled drawer. With various shapes and sizes of sanding pad attachments, oscillating multi tools have as much reach and versatility as handheld sandpaper with the extra power or an electric tool.

Your oscillating multi tool, especially when coupled with Fein blades and attachments, can work wonders. First-time users will be surprised at its versatility, which improves with each attachment purchased. But despite its superiority in the areas mentioned above, large-scale projects require more than a compact multi tool. Treat your baby well and use it in combination with other power tools during large-scale projects, and it won’t let you down.


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