Fein Blades May be the Answer to a Craftsman’s Prayers

Fein produces some of the best power tools on the market.  They have earned a reputation as a top-notch manufacturer of precise, durable, dependable equipment, and professional contractors all over the country have come to trust the Fein brand.  Among their excellent products, the Multimaster oscillating multi-tool is one of the most impressive.  With the right Fein blades, this tool can cut, scrape, shape, sand, or polish just about anything.  You can get Fein blades to cut hardwood, soft wood, fiberglass, sheet metal, copper pipe, plastics, particle board, and even stone.

Multi-use oscillating tools are like a gift from above, and the Multimaster is one of the very best.  You can grab this one tool and a hand full of blades that will fit in a shirt pocket and do the work that would normally take a truck full of tools to do.  You can make long, short, deep, or shallow cuts in many materials, scrape tile grout with practically no effort, shape wood, sand and polish metal, and scrape up dried paint, dried concrete, and just about any other mess that tends to happen on the job.  You can use Fein blades to quickly gut an entire kitchen or to do the most delicate repairs on fine wood moldings.

The tool is top-notch, but the blades deserve credit too.  Fein makes a blade for everything.  The trick is to do just a little bit of research to making sure you are using the right tool for the job.  The Multimaster tool will probably last for years, but the blades are effectively disposable.  There’s nothing at all wrong with Fein blades.  In fact, they are as good as you can get.  It’s just inevitable.  No blade or attachment for any power tool is going to last forever.  Eventually, even the best-made blades are going to wear out, so it’s good to know your options for replacement blades.  Depending on your usage, replacement blade costs can really add up.  If you buy a Fein Multimaster to keep around the house for odd jobs, repairs, and hobby projects, you probably won’t rack up much of a bill for replacement blades.  If you are a professional craftsman, the replacement blades can cost you a fortune pretty quickly.

Fortunately, you have options when it comes to Multimaster replacement blades.   Some companies offer replacement blades that will work with Fein, Dremel, or Rockwell multi-tools, but you have to be careful about both quality and price.  Some are cheap but not very dependable.  Others are pricey but quite good.  It’s usually the classic example of “getting what you pay for.”  Fortunately, you can get a good balance of quality and low prices if you look for it.  The best example of this is probably FitzALLblades.com.  They have extremely high-quality replacement blades for very low prices, and they have climbed to the top of the replacement blade market because of this.  Craftsmen from all over the world have found that they can save a fortune by getting replacement blades that are fully compatible with Fein, Rockwell, and Dremel oscillating tools, just as precise and durable, but at one half to one fifth of the price of the name-brand blades.

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