Fitz ALL Blades Can Help Save You a Bundle On The Job

Success in business is a pretty simple concept – you have to make much more money than you spend.  Even so, many business owners focus all of their time and attention on making money without thinking much about how to save.  If you are in the business of carpentry, construction, carpet installation, plumbing, or any other business where you use an oscillating multi tool, you are probably spending more on replacement blades than you need to.  Whether you use your oscillating multi tool every day or just once in a while, the blade costs really add up.  Fortunately, there is a solution – US. offers high quality, inexpensive replacement blades and accessories to fit all of the name brand multi tools.  We have replacements for fein blades, dremel blades, craftsman accessories… you name it.  We have replacements to match all of the great fein blades that you can use to cut wood, drywall, and plastic with surgical precision.  We have replacements for dremel blades that will help you to shape wood, scrape paint, and grind metal with them best of them.  Our full line of replacement craftsman accessories will save you a bundle when you unleash your unstoppable craftsman multi tool.

All of our blades and accessories are tough, precise, versatile, and durable.  Best of all, they average between 1/5 to 1/2 the price of the name brand blades.  If you have put off buying a name-brand multi tool because of the price of store-bought replacement blades, you no longer need to worry about that.  Go ahead and drop a few bucks on a top-of-the-line fein, bosch, dremel, craftsman, or sonicrafter multi tool.  Don’t worry about blade replacement costs.  We’ve got you covered.

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