Fitz ALL Blades Can Help You Save Money While You Prep Your House to Sell

Selling a house can be a real chore, now more than ever.  In much of the world, it is a buyer’s market.  This means that it’s getting harder and harder to break even on the sale of your house, much less make a profit.  You may have many reasons for needing to sell your home – relocating for work, moving closer to family, downsizing for economic reasons, etc.  Whatever your reason, your success in selling your house is likely to be affected by the condition of the place.  Fixing up a home to sell can be a huge undertaking, and an expensive one.  If you do not already have a truck load of tools, it may not make sense to spend hundreds and hundreds on tools just to fix up a home to sell, especially if you are planning to move into a smaller place where you won’t even have the room to store all of that equipment.  If you want to save cash on home upgrades, you may want to take advantage of free online tutorials, do-it-yourself materials from the library, and the latest tool technology: the multi oscillating tool.  One multi oscillating tool can do the job of a couple of dozen traditional tools, and it takes up practically no room at all.  It’s light, versatile, convenient, and easy to use.  Best of all, it will save you hundreds on tools as you undertake your home upgrade projects.  You can use one of these tools to trim carpet, scrape old paint, remove tile grout or dried concrete, trim drywall pieces, cut nails, cut out old pipes, saw through two by fours, level uneven spots in floors… you name it.

The only downside is that the replacement blades can be expensive.  That’s why you need  Many companies offer excellent multi tools, but if you buy name brand multimaster blades, dremel attachments, or fein multitool blades, you are going to pay out the nose for them.  We offer very high quality, precise, durable replacements for dremel attachments, craftsman blades, sonicrafter equipment, multimaster blades, bosch blades, fein multitool blades, and much more.  No matter which multi tool you decide to buy, you will find that we have the best off-brand replacement equipment available, blades and accessories to match all the best tools.  The best part is that our superb replacements are available at a fraction of the cost of name brand blades and attachments, usually one half to one fifth the price.  This means that you can save an impressive amount of cash as you prep your house and prepare for a new life.

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