Fitz ALL Blades Is Not Just an Old Boys’ Club

The era of men using tools and women using pots and pans is long gone.  Many ladies have proven that they can frame a house, replace a transmission, or wire a building as well as any guy.  If you are a modern craftswoman, or know a modern craftswoman, it’s a good thing that you have found  The oscillating multi tool is the crafter’s tools of the 21st century.  They are light, versatile, and relatively inexpensive.  Men and women who work with their hands find these tools to be life savers, and money savers.  Many men who work with their hands have tools that were handed down from father to son, back when carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and other practical skills didn’t tend to include women in the equation.  This means that many bright, handy women have to buy their own tools if they want to work in certain fields, or even just maintain and upgrade their own homes.  Whatever the circumstance, an oscillating multi tool is one of the wisest tool investments anyone can make.

One multi tool can scrape paint (a task no one seems to enjoy), remove dried concrete or drywall mud, cut wood and other materials with surgical precision, grind metal, trim carpet, and do about two dozen other jobs that would take too long to list here.  All blades for multi tools are virtually weightless, and the tools themselves are lightweight and very portable.  You easily grab an oscillating power tool and a hand full of blades, and head up a basement ladder, onto a roof, under a sink, or wherever else the job takes you.  If you like doing arts and crafts, you may find that an oscillating multi tool is just the thing for you.  People use them to sculpt and shape all kinds of wood, hide, horn, cardboard, carpet, and other materials.  If you need to grind or polish metal, they are the perfect tools.  These tools combine power, precision, and control, the most important factors in power tools, empowering you to take on projects that you may not have thought to attempt otherwise.

Multi tool blades are amazing works of engineering, but they can get very expensive.  The good news is that all blades and oscillating power tool accessories are available right here at for a fraction of the name brand prices.  Once you buy the tool, the replacement blade prices can sneak up on you.  Some name brand blades cost $30 or more, which can get very expensive when you are using multiple blades for multiple projects.

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