Getting the Most Out of Your Craftsman Nextec and Craftsman Blades

Whether you are a professional craftsman or a weekend tinkerer, you probably know the name Craftsman.  Craftsman tools are among the most famous in the world, and for good reason.  They are durable, precise, versatile, and backed by some excellent warranties and policies.  For many Americans, receiving their first set of Craftsman tools is a right of passage into adulthood.  That’s a fine tradition.

Most people know about the great selection of Craftsman hand tools and standard power tools available, but some folks don’t know about one of their more recent additions to the lineup – the oscillating multi tool called Nextec.  Oscillating multi tools are becoming the tools of choice for craftsmen all over the world because they offer some pretty big advantages over traditional tools.  These multi tools have interchangeable blades that oscillate back and forth at incredible high speeds, allowing them to saw, cut, scrape, sand, and polish a wide variety of materials.  One Nextec can potentially take the place of a power sander, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a polishing wheel, an electric chainsaw, and several rotating tools and attachments.  It all comes down to picking the right Craftsman blades for your Nextec multi tool.  These blades are practically weightless, but they turn your Nextec into a dozen different tools when you switch them out for the right job.  In terms of materials, it’s amazing what you can work on with one of these multi tools: tile, hardwood, soft wood, sheet metal, fiberglass, plastics, cardboard, carpet, grout, concrete… the list goes on and on.

Having this kind of versatility can save you a fortune.  Like many of us, you may already have a garage full of power tools.  If you don’t already have a massive collection, you can save yourself some really serious cash by picking up a Craftsman Nextec and some Craftsman blades instead of paying separately for a bunch of different tools.  If you have the chance, pick up the Nextec first and then experiment and figure out the few things that it can’t do.  Then go buy the tools to fill in the gaps.  Even if you have a truck load of tools already, it’s worth getting the Nextec instead of replacing those tools once they finally give out on you.  This will help you to save some green as well.

Besides the huge monetary savings of using a multi tool, there is the equally important fact that it allows you to travel light.  Anyone who has tried to maneuver bulky tools in and out of vehicles, up ladders, down tight basement steps, underneath sinks, through mud, across ice, or over roof peaks knows how hard (and potentially dangerous) these trips can be.  With a multi tool you can often grab one relatively light tool, a handful of blades, and head out to get the job done.  This means fewer accidents, strained muscles, sore backs, and slip-ups.

The Nextec is a durable tool that is likely to last you years and years.  However, the blades do eventually wear out, like any power tool attachment.  Craftsman blades are not as expensive as some other brands, but they still add up pretty fast if you use them a lot.  Fortunately, you have the option of buying replacement blades online that are perfectly compatible and just as tough and precise.  A few companies have emerged to offer these off-brand replacement blades for multi tools, but most craftsmen who have tried them seem to agree that offers the best quality and prices (from ½ to 1/5 of the name brand blades).  Whether you choose to get your replacement blades from fitzallblades or directly from Craftsman, the expense of the blades is well worth the convenience you get from the multi tool.

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