Grinding, Scraping and Sanding with an Oscillating Tool

For the handyman around the house, an oscillating tool is the one indispensable component in your toolkit that can handle jobs in very tight quarters and simplify many tough household tasks. Oscillating tools are commonly referred to as multi-tools, which gives you an idea about their functional versatility. They can seemingly be used for anything, but they're expertise lies in sawing, sanding, grinding, scraping, cutting, and polishing. Below we'll discuss how the oscillating tool can accomplish these specific tasks.


There are many sanding accessories available for oscillating tools. The most popular sanding attachment is a triangular shaped accessory that is perfect for sanding wood, wood fillers and clear topcoat finishes. The accessory works very well with a hook-and-loop sandpaper, which makes it easy to swap out old sandpaper when it wears out and becomes less effective. If you need to sand something in a really confined area, look for the narrow shapes of sandpaper that are ideally suited for crevices, corners and tight spots.


Prior to the arrival of the oscillating tool in the mid-1960's, there wasn't a favorable way of doing any type of grinding work on mortar, cement or dried adhesives. Now all you have to do is attach a triangular, carbide-grit rasp to your multi-tool and it will grind away even the most stubborn of substances in seconds. The triangle shape of the attachment makes it easy to function in corners and other tight areas that used to be almost impossible to work in. 


For any kind of scraping work, you'll need the correct scraping blade for your multi-tool. Depending on whether you intend to remove adhesives, paint or something entirely different, you'll need to find a blade with the right shape and the right level of flexibility for the job. Most often though, steel scraper blades will work effectively on any substance. At a low-speed setting, a steel scraper removes old paint effortlessly. Quite often after completeing the scraping process, you will need to follow it up by sanding the surface to make it clean and smooth again. This will prepare the surface for the next step. An oscillating tool makes this transition simple by just having to switch out the attachment.

Getting the Best Performance

As with practically all household tools, an oscillating tool will always perform best when it has been freshly sharpened or has brand new blades and attachments for the task at hand. Be careful when buying new blades, make sure you are buying blades made out of quality materials that you know will hold up well over time and will be reliable when assigned a task.

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