Home Improvements Cheaper with Multi Tool Blades

Various people have their own opinions about the housing market – what it’s doing and where it is going.  Most agree, though, that it is a bit tough.  For this reason, many people who would like to sell their houses are waiting for the market to change.  In the meantime, they are trying to fix up their homes so that they are more valuable once it turns to a seller’s market.  Other folks are making the most of the market, flipping homes while the deals are there.  Either way, home improvements can be crucial to many people’s financial security.  Renovations are not typically cheap.  In fact, they can even be a gamble.  That’s why it’s extremely important to use every tactic you can to save money when you are making improvements to a house.  You need to be sure to get a good return on your investment.  Here is a tip that you may not have thought about.

Condensing and Simplifying with a Multi Tool

Tools can be extremely expensive.  If you have a passion for working with your hands, then you may want to develop an extensive collection of classic tools.  If you are just trying to learn some skills to fix up a house to sell, it’s probably not worth it to you to invest in a whole garage full of equipment.  Thank goodness for the multi tool, or oscillating tool.  These are some of the newest tools on the market, and they are not too expensive.  They take the place of dozens of other tools.  They are multi functioning power tools that have interchangeable blades, so you can use them for all kinds of tasks.  They replace just about every kind of saw – handsaw, band saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, table saw.  They cut through wood boards, flooring, shingles, carpet, drywall, plywood, insulation board, cardboard, plastics, fiberglass, copper piping, plaster, and just about any other material you are likely to have to deal with.  They even have attachments for scraping paint, removing tile grout, and cleaning up spilled concrete, three of the worst, most thankless jobs you may encounter while fixing up a house.  These tools are light, portable, easy to use, and easy to store.  They are the best way to save money on tool costs – just one tool and a set of blades, and you are ready to go.  Sonicrafter blades and tools are highly recommended, but Bosch, Dremel, and Fein all make great multi tools.

One Oscillating Tool, a Hundred Jobs

You may have to buy or borrow a few other tools – hammers, screw drivers, nail guns, whatever the jobs all for, but a multi tool will certainly cut down on your tool expenses.  When it comes to doing new jobs around the house, the internet is a big help.  It’s full of instructional videos that can help you do improvements and repairs yourself, and save on the costs of bringing someone in.  Of course, there is always the barter system too.  You may want to work out some kind of deal if you have a friend who is a professional plumber, electrician, or cabinet maker.  For simpler tasks, you may just want to have a party with free food and invite a group to come over to help you paint or sand hardwood floors.  Be creative and have fun.

Getting the Best Blades at the Best Prices

Bosch, Fein, Dremel, and Sonicrafter blades are wonderful, but they are not necessarily cheap.  Depending on how much you use them, and how quickly you go through them, they can add up to a pretty major expense over time.  Fortunately, there is a solution to that too.  Now you can get extremely high quality replacement blades for all makes and models of multi tools – durable and precise blades for a fraction of the price of the name brand blades.  Some blades can cost over $30, but you can get replacements for any blade from ½ to 1/5 of the name brand retail price.  Between the savings from the multi tool and the savings on discounted blades, you can make a big difference in your renovation budget.

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