How to Quickly Fix a Stuck Door Using an Oscillating Multi Tool

It may sound obvious but one of the advantages of an oscillating multi tool is that it can do a lot of different tasks and, frankly, do them as well as a single purpose tool. This represents a significant savings for both the professional and the home handyman, since it is not necessary to spend a fortune on a dozen tools when just one does all their jobs to perfection. It also frees up a lot of room in the toolbox, as well.

There is one thing an oscillating multi tool can do not just well but maybe even better than almost anything else you might have available. That is to fix one of those nagging door frames where the door hangs up when you try to open or close it. So long as you have already consulted the multi tool reviews and made your selection as to which one you prefer, the procedure for fixing one of these recalcitrant doors is rather simple. The following list should get you all the way through the process.

• First off, examine the door and decide where it is sticking. This is usually pretty easy to figure out. One way to make sure is to carefully examine the paint work on the frame. It should be marred or even worn away completely by a sticking door.

• This lets you know which area of the door itself needs adjustment. Always work on the door rather than on the door casing, because any alterations in the casing will be very noticeable while alterations in the door itself will be practically invisible in most cases.

• Take your multi tool out of its case and snap the sanding head into place, then apply one of the sanding pads to the head.

• Holding the tool parallel to the surface you desire to sand, move the tool gently back and forth, taking care not to twist the tool sideways or up and down to gouge the surface of the door. Test how the door fits occasionally as you work on it. When sanding, it is better to take off too little or just enough, rather than too much.

Houses can shift as they age and it is only natural for doors to get a little crooked over time. If, however, you notice that all or many of your doors are suddenly sticking when they never did before, you need to obtain professional advice. The home’s foundation is most likely shifting to an abnormal degree, possibly caused by some sort of water problem in the basement or crawl space.

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