How To Remove Grout With an Oscillating Multi-Tool

Extraneous grout can ruin the appearance of a newly tiled bathroom, or in the case of a tile cleaning can make tile work look old and faded. There are a few different ways to remove ugly grout from your bathroom project, but most are time-consuming and difficult to work with. Without a doubt, the best way to remove extraneous grout from your tile project is an oscillating multi-tool. Oscillating multi-tools often have a variety of different ways to make grout removal easy and painless. Once you've decided on the right multi-tool for you, the next step is to approach your project with the right extension and get rid of that grout from your project.

The Best Oscillating Multi-Tool: Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to removing grout, the best oscillating tool isn't necessarily the most expensive. A variety of multi-tools were perfectly capable of doing the job of removing grout. Without a doubt, the Bosch Multi-X is the most critically acclaimed of the group, which, while on the pricey side, gets the job done accurately. However, the Chicago Electric 67537 costs a mere $50 and can get the job done when it comes to grout removal. Because of this, it's important to reach out locally to your particular community and see what's recommended for removing ugly extra grout from your project. You'll be glad you did, and may even save money in the process. Occasionally a Dremel is recommended but these are often regarded less highly because of the lack of oscillating power needed to clean the tile.

Removing Grout from Tile Walls

The key to removing grout from tile when working with tile walls or floors is using the right attachment with your multi-tool. Make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and that the area you're working in has been sufficiently moistened (your multi-tool should have the correct part on it to handle grout breakup). This will allow you to break the excess tile and make for easy cleanup later. If the grout was moistened with a light sugar solution, grout removal should be fairly easy after two hours. Using the triangle tool should make the task of removing excess grout a fairly pain-free process.

Removing Grout from Tile Floors

Removing grout from tile floors depends largely on what how long the tile has been set and how much grout has to be removed. The most common tool for floor grout removal is the oscillating multi-tool's triangle tool. Using this tool is similar to using the tools on a circular saw to cut a maximum amount of grout from the tile. After removing excess grout, be sure to sweep away cut grout.

While sponges and hard scrapers were tools of the past in removing grout, having the right oscillating multi-tool handy makes the process less tedious and can quickly remove unsightly grout, maximizing the appearance of your kitchen, bathroom, or floor project. Using one will simplify a number of projects, but grout removal will be relatively pain-free.

Removing grout with an oscillating multi-tool is an easy job, as long as you have the right blades and accessories designed to get the job done. Don’t let your tool fall victim to dull blades and shop the largest selection of multi-tool replacement blades at Fitz All Blades. No matter what brand of multi-tool you own, Fitz All Blades has the perfect replacement blade or accessory to meet your every project need. Shop our selection today and get on your way to completing any household project with ease.

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