Inexpensive Replacements For Fein Blades And Others Help Construction Companies Stay In Business

It seems that we can’t turn on the TV or radio without hearing about the problems with the economy.  There’s no doubt that we have seen better times, but it seems that the wisest thing that we can do is to focus on positive action.  Acknowledging the problem is the first step, but it’s important to move forward and begin solution-based thinking.  Some American companies are certainly seeing some challenges, but there is always something you can do.  In the world of construction, it seems as though some contractors are thriving while others are going out of business.  There could be many factors involved – region, client base, lumber costs – but it seems like many of those who are doing well are careful to look closely at those small expenses that add up over time.  Multi tool blades can be one of the biggest expenses that contractors miss, and they can add up to thousands a year, depending on how many a company goes through and what kind they use.

Oscillating multi tools are great.  They are powerful, light, and incredibly versatile.  They really are like having many tools in one.  On a construction or remodeling job, you can use one tool to cut lumber to size, trim carpet, fit in flooring, trim shingles, rip out old wood or pipe, scrape up dried paint or concrete, and do about a hundred other things.  Whether you are using a Versa tool, Bosch multi cutter, Rockwell multi tool, Dremel multi tool, or some other brand, they are all spectacular.  All of the major power tool companies also offer blades of comparable quality; Fein blades, Sonicrafter blades, Dremel blades, and Bosch multi tool blades are all precise and tough.  I have never really heard any complaints about any of these tools or the quality of their blades.  Cabinet makers, house painters, roofers, remodelers, wood workers, plumbers, construction workers, and demolition workers all seem to love these things.

The only snag is the price of the replacement blades.  Many of the basic blades are over $10, and some of the expensive blades, like the diamond-coated ones, cost over $30.  If you are a hobbyist who only uses them once in a while, this is not that big of a deal.  If you have a business where you have a whole crew using these blades every day, it can devastate your bottom line.  Many people do not realize that there is another option.  You can purchase very high quality, durable, precise replacement blades for all of the name brand tools at a fraction of the cost.  FitzALLblades offers a vast assortment of replacements for Fein blades, Sonicrafter blades, Rockwell blades, Bosch multi tool blades, and many others.  They all have a unique eight position arbor pattern to allow you to work at various angles, and they all cost one-half to one-fifth of the name brand blades that they replace.  Switching to these replacements could possibly save a company huge amounts of money over the long term, maybe giving that little bit of an edge that makes the difference between beating the recession and falling victim to it.

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