Money Saving Projects Using Replacements For Fein Blades, Sonicrafter Blades, Versa Tool Accessories

There are certain tools that every house needs, but the perspective on this list of tools changes over time.  As technology becomes more sophisticated, our standards and requirements increase and transform, demanding a higher standard living as a mark of our progress.  Home computers would probably be considered to be “normal” household equipment by most Americans, as would televisions.  While not every household can afford them, or chooses to have them, they are part of the new average standard.  While information and entertainment based equipment certainly has its place, some very practical tools are being overlooked.  Chief among them is the oscillating multi tool.  This sturdy tool can use a wide variety of blades that it moves back and forth at very high speeds, effectively functioning as many different power tools.  The Versa Tool, Rockwell Multi Tool, and Bosch Multi Cutter are great examples but there are many others.  Some craftspeople and home owners have come to believe that every household would benefit from a multi tool, considering the many projects that can be completed with this one marvelous piece of equipment.

Heating costs can be absolutely brutal for families all over the country.  A good Fein multi tool with the right Fein blades can help you to trim insulation board, cut fiberglass insulation, or trim old carpet remnants to insulate windows, chilly floors, or other cold spots in the house.  When it comes to exterior painting, you can find sonicrafter blades, Bosch multi tool blades, and other blades that are made for scraping the old paint when you prep to put down your primer and your new coats of paint.  Many people actually enjoy painting, but they hate the prep work (especially the paint scraping) so much that they pay professionals to paint their houses.  A multi tool with a scraper blade makes the process quick and easy.  Most wood repairs are made easier with the wide variety of wood cutting blades available – flooring, cabinetry, furniture, etc.  If you want to re-tile a bathroom or kitchen, the scraper blades will make quick work of that awful old tile grout and adhesive that you will need to remove before putting in the new materials.

Many older homes have iron railings outside that have become rusty and unattractive.  You can even find blades that will scrape the rust and old paint right off so that you can prime and re-paint old iron to look as good as new.  You can use the same tool to cut shingles when re-roofing the house, prune tree branches, and do a number of other jobs.

After a little bit of experimentation, most people learn which blades they need to do their household jobs most effectively.  The tools themselves are impressively durable, but the blades will eventually wear out.  The only potential disadvantage to multi tools is the high cost of name-brand replacement blades.  Some blades can cost $10 to $32.  Fortunately, that is not such a major problem anymore because FitzALLblades offers replacements for Bosch multi tool blades, Fein blades, Dremel blades, Sonicrafter blades, and most other name-brand blades and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.

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