Multimaster Blades Make Almost Any Project Faster and Easier

Most professional craftsmen probably know the name Fein.  They make some of the best tools money can buy – precise, reliable, durable, and versatile.  Fein has been making some incredibly handy equipment for years now, and they recently outdid themselves with the Multimaster.  The Multimaster is a multi-use oscillating tool with a huge variety of interchangeable blades.  Multimaster blades are pretty amazing.  They have one for just about everything – cutting, scraping, sawing, sanding, polishing.  You can use Multimaster blades to take care of the more miserable jobs a lot faster.  For instance, it’s rare to find anyone who enjoys scraping old paint before a new paint job.  Cleaning tile grout may be even worse.  Cleaning up dried concrete from a spill may even be less fun.  With the right Multimaster blades, these jobs are really fast and easy.  You can use them on soft and hard woods, fiberglass, sheet metal, insulation, cardboard, carpet, concrete, particle board, drywall, and a wide variety of other materials.


One of the best things about the Multimaster is that it allows you to travel light.  One Multimaster tool and a pocket full of Multimaster blades can take the place of a circular saw, an electric chainsaw, a reciprocating saw, a sander, and / or about a dozen different hand tools.  There is something noble and old-school about knowing how to use good, old-fashioned hand tools.  But when time and money are on the line, it makes sense to zip through a project as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In these cases, the Multimaster is definitely the way to go.


Traveling light with a single tool and interchangeable blades that are nearly weightless also helps you to access tricky work spots like attics, roofs, and tight spaces behind or between appliances much easier.  It can also be safer to work in treacherous situations when you only need to get one light tool in and out of there.


However, one of the big factors to consider about multi-use oscillating tools like the Multimaster is that the blades don’t last forever.  Even the highest quality multi-tool blades will wear out eventually.  To be fair, they do take quite a beating.  Your cost for replacement blades will vary, of course, depending upon how many different blades you use and how often you use them.  Occasional home use may not cost much, but serious professional craftsmen and hobbyists can rack up quite a bill just in replacement blade costs.


Fortunately, you do have options. Some of the name-brand blades are more expensive than others, but you also have the option of buying off-brand replacement blades.  A few companies carry replacement blades for Fein, Dremel, and Rockwell oscillating tools that are made with high-grade steel and other top-notch materials, and made to fit and work perfectly with the name-brand tools.  These inexpensive replacement blade companies can save you a fortune.  For instance, has developed a reputation as a great source for excellent replacement blades that cost from one half to one fifth the price of the name brand blades that they are designed to replace.
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