Must Have Accessories to Make the Most of Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

In a short period of time, the oscillating multi-tool has become the handyman’s tool of choice for tasks all throughout the home. Thanks in part to its tremendous versatility through various replacement blades and attachments, the tool can be used on almost any job to help you complete tasks with ease and precision like never before. No matter how tight the quarters or how inaccessible the space may seem, the oscillating multi-tool continues to help make the grade with each and every use. Say goodbye to those awkward and tedious jobs with the help from the oscillating tool replacement blades and accessories fit for any of your project needs.

Cutting Made Simple

Cutting attachments probably represent the broadest range of accessories for oscillating tools, mostly because cutting tasks are so common and so diverse throughout a home. There are precision bi-metal blades for cutting both metal and wood, precision high carbon steel blades also for cutting wood, and carbide tooth blades for cutting extremely difficult metals.

Special Japanese bi-metal blades were created especially for cutting through tough hardwoods, and plunge blades can be used for work on stair lighting and other hard-to-reach places that call for the most precise cuts possible. A bi-metal segmented saw can cut through PVC pipe and metal piping with speed and accuracy, and a titanium-coated bi-metal segmented blade can cut through sheet metal, fiberglass and wood with ease and quickness unmatched by any other power tool on the market.

Getting On Your Grind

Grinding accessories are one of the most appreciated attachments for oscillating tools, taking a job that once took hours to complete and allowing you to finish it in no time at all. There simply was not a tool that could handle the heavy grinding of abrasives like cement or mortar, but with the grinding attachments for the oscillating multi-tool these same jobs are now a breeze.

Some grinding accessories are diamond-tipped for working on the toughest materials, and some are carbide grit blades, which are ideally suited for removing grout material between tiles and even cutting the tiles themselves. Rasp attachments can also be used for removing old grout and thin-set materials between tiling.

Sanding for a Smooth Finish

Sanding attachments for the oscillating tool are generally used on wood or soft surfaces to help create a smooth to the touch finish on your projects. These usually have the hook-and-loop configuration which makes replacement quick and easy, allowing you to quickly replace sanding pads and get back to work.

One of the chief differences between accessories used on these surfaces is the grit level on the attachment, which would be finer for paint and finish removal, and much coarser for sanding wood or other materials.

Scrape Away

The different kinds of attachments used for scraping tasks are basically sealant knife accessories, caulking knife attachments, and high-carbon steel scrapers which have various degrees of flexibility for specific types of scraping. Scraper blades can remove window putty, caulking material and many other kinds of flooring material like carpet and linoleum.

Caulking knife attachments are best suited for the removal of wood putty and caulking. Sealant knife attachments are durable, one-piece accessories used to remove stubborn dried sealant from around all kinds of household objects, without worry of tight spaces or hard to reach locations.

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