Remember These Tips When Using Oscillating Tools

The oscillating tool is a handy piece of equipment that can help you manage tasks quickly and efficiently. You can not only use it to saw, grind, and sand metal and wood, but also remove grout and undercut doors. Of course, it all depends on using the right multi-tool blades for the task. Here are a few tips to remember when using an oscillating tool.

Using the right oscillating tool blades for the right task:

Although there are many attachments for oscillating tools, it is important to pick the right blade. This not only helps extend the blade’s shelf life but also helps to get the job done efficiently. For example, to cut metals, use only the bi-metal blade that is designed to saw metals and wood.  Using the wood-only blade will not give you the desired results.

On the other hand, by using a bi-metal blade to cut through thick wood, you could end up burning the wood. To check for usage and other details, always read the label that displays clearly what they’re made to cut.  At Fitz All Blades, we make an effort to always include a clear description about for each of the oscillating multi-tool blades on our website.

Re-sharpening multi-tool blades:

If you’re a regular DIY’er, replacing multi-tool blades too often can burn a hole in your pocket. Re-sharpening them extends the life of your blade and helps to save money. Of course, not all blades are worth re-sharpening. Blades made from high carbon steel and the ones using a basic tooth structure can be sharpened easily. Carbide or high-speed steel is difficult to sharpen, though they do tend to last longer. Most blades can be filed using an extra slim or a double extra slim saw file.

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