Remodeling with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating tool – which is also called a multi-tool – is one of those inventions that allows even the simplest of handymen to achieve craftsman quality results on their projects. Such tools are the definition of multi-purpose and, with just a little instruction, can be used to great effect for various jobs around the home. The primary attribute that makes an oscillating tool so useful is the interchangeable blades; these blades make a range of specific jobs accessible.

Oscillating Tool Accessories

The multi-tool can be used for everything from drywall work to sanding edges off cabinets. This is enabled by the many different attachments tailored for the base appliance. You can use a rounded cutting blade for extended cutting jobs on a long, straight surface, or the conventional straight blade for deeper, vertical cutting. The fact that the oscillating tool vibrates so fast means you don’t need to apply too much force – just a steady, constant pressure to cleanly cut through.

A Multitude of Jobs

If you own a residence that came with built-in ceiling fans, you probably know by now that they’re not always optimal for your particular design choice. However, because the fans are heavy, they are secured to the ceiling exceptionally well. The tool of choice for removing these fans easily by cutting through the wood is an oscillating blade; simple place newspapers underneath to catch the shavings and replace with a new overhead fan.

There are a few jobs around the home that may involve metal-cutting; the rotating head replacement for an oscillating tool is effective for sanding metal.  Rusty bolts and nails are almost impossible to remove using a wrench or pliers – it’s still metal, after all – if the base is still strongly secured. An oscillating tool with the straight blade attachment can make short work of even these. Similarly, its toughness is well-suited to removing ceramic tiles for bathroom remodeling, as well as general flooring. The base molding is tough, so you can’t effectively scrape it off without some artificial power.

Door jambs and expanding door bases are sources of consternation that many homeowners have experienced. The latter usually occur during the summer months, when the rising temperatures cause the wood to expand – in conjunction with the constant moisture from the shower. If left alone, the problem often persists through fall and early winter; when it finally gets cool enough to contract. An oscillating tool can sand the top of the door off evenly, so you’re not struggling just to get the door open when the season rolls around.

Similarly, door jambs are an easy fix – just use a scrap of flooring to guide your efforts. It also helps to catch the tiny shavings and dust, as the tool makes short work of the wood. At first, it may surprise you just how easily and smoothly the blades slice through, so go slowly the first time.

Robust Kitchen and Bathroom Work

The multi-tool is tailor-made for grouting kitchen basins and tubs – it cuts down both the time and effort aspects. Most of the material in either space is quite hard, so conventional tools are out of the question for a big remodeling job. As countless Average Joes have discerned, the oscillating tool is one of the most useful appliances you can have – no matter the size of the remodeling job.

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