Rockwell Sonicrafter Blades Can do Almost Anything

Anyone who has ever had to lug a giant box of heavy tools in and out of trucks, up ladders, and across muddy or icy ground can see the value of traveling light.  This is why so many professional crafters and hobbyists are purchasing oscillating multi-use tools like the Rockwell sonicrafter.  With this one light tool and a handful of nearly weightless blades, you can do the job of a truck load of different electric saws, sanders, grinders, and hand tools.  For people who have not assembled much of a tool collection yet, it’s an opportunity to save a bundle of cash because you will have no need to invest in many of the standard tools that others have accumulated.  You can experiment and figure out the few things that your Rockwell sonicrafter can’t do, and then get the tools for those jobs.  For those of us who do have a bunch of tools already, this is still a great investment.  If you are working in your own garage or shop, you may not mind having eight power tools plugged in at once.  With the right equipment and layout (and enough juice), you can switch back and forth easily without much fuss.  But if you need to do work outside of the shop or garage, hauling all of that stuff around will get old pretty quickly, especially with limited power sources.
The Rockwell sonicrafter allows you to work in tight or less accessible spaces like attics, under porches, behind large appliances, on roofs, or under sinks without nearly so many headaches.  You also reduce muscle strains and back pain when you reduce the weight of your tools, and give yourself more control over the tool.  This is especially important when using cutting tools.


Much of the genius of these tools lies in the blades.  You can find an incredible number of blade types to do just about anything you can think of in terms of power tools – fine cutting, rough sawing, polishing, scraping, sanding , shaping, and more.  They have blades that can work on metals, copper pipe, plastic piping, fiberglass, cardboard, carpet, hardwoods, sheet plastic, tile, concrete, particle board, drywall, and a bunch of other materials.  You can scrape up paint or concrete, cut copper pipe, trim carpet, fit tile, repair hardwood flooring, and refurbish metal, all with one Rockwell sonicrafter.  People who are into crafts have even found that these tools are great for cutting and shaping unusual materials like buffalo horn.


The sonicrafter is worth every penny, and it will probably last you for years.  However, the cost for blades can really get expensive after a while.  The blades are made with high-quality materials, but even very durable blades will not last terribly long if you are getting good use out of them.  It’s a good idea to investigate all of your options for replacement blades for your multi-tool.  If you want to save cash, you should look into off-brand replacement blades.  The best ones are of quality that’s equal to the name brands at half or less of the cost. is a great example of a reliable source for the highest quality replacement blades for Rockwell, Dremel, and Fein multi-tools.  They provide exceptionally high quality blades at a fraction of a cost of the name brands.  They are especially great for Rockwell users because this tool has a very distinctive arbor pattern that is not compatible with most replacement blades. offers an adaptor that will allow you to use their replacement blades for Rockwell tools with perfect compatibility and function.

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