Round or Straight Blades | Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool

When using an oscillating tool for uses around the home or on the job, which blade is best? Some people use the tools to help with certain elements like cutting nails or scraping up adhesive from the flooring. Using the correct blades help to provide a clean cut for tile, wood, and metal.

Using an Oscillating Tool

The tool is used for a number of jobs as they help to speed up the entire construction process. The tool works with a side-to-side movement at a fast, slight movement. Since the tool feels like a small vibration, it is important to hold it steady as you use it. The benefit is that the blades are interchangeable, and you can switch them out with other elements like sanding and scrapers.

Round or Straight Blade?

How do you determine which blade is the right one for your project? A straight blade is beneficial for plunge cuts where you need to trim a cabinet frame or other small cuts. Straight blades work best when you need to stab the blade into a surface to make the cut. The round blade is beneficial when you need to make a clean cut for long, linear surfaces. No matter which blade you use, it is important to avoid pressing too hard. This can bend the blade and cause serious problems with the tool.

If you need to work on flooring tile and door jambs, you need to use a round blade. If you are adding new flooring to a room, you can easily find yourself in need of cutting the door jambs so the new flooring can correctly slide into place. A round blade is the best way to slice through the wood to make a clean cut.

Metal Blades

When working on metal such as nails or pipes, you will need to invest in a metal blade. The metal blades come in round and straight. Straight are normally used for cutting a nail that is hard to remove from wood and other materials. The straight blade will allow you to slice through them quickly. It is important to use the right blade for the type of metal you need to cut through. Titanium cutting is different from bimetal cutting, which is why you need the right metal blade.

Carbide Grit Blades

The carbide grit blades are key when removing grout, concrete or any hardened matter. This blade will remove solid adhesive materials without damaging the sub or primary surface. Whether you’re replacing a cracked and broken tile or an entire floor, removing old grout that has been there for decades can be challenging too say the least. By attaching the carbide grit blade to your multi tool the job goes from impossible to done in no time at all!

 Selecting the best blades/accessories for your oscillating multi tool will make a drastic impact on project prep, construction and finish. Saving time and money is ideal for any project. To make sure you are completing your project with as much efficiency as possible, select from a wide variety of high-quality replacement blades and accessories from Fitz All Blades. They offer some of the best oscillating tools attachments available at the lowest prices on the market. For the best quality and lowest prices, shop Fitz All Blades today!

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