Sanding With an Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating multi-tool can be used to perform a number of tasks around the home. The right assortment of multi-tool accessories and multi-tool blades can be used to remove grout from between tiles, remove rust from metal and trim small pieces of wood. Naturally, an oscillating tool can also be used to sand wood down to a smooth finish.

Sanding with an oscillating multi-tool is a delicate job, but it can be done if you follow these simple steps.

Attach a Sanding Accessory

One of the best aspects of an oscillating multi-tool is its versatility, and that is especially true when it comes to sanding wood. There are a number of sanding accessories as well as different kinds of sandpaper available. As a rule, coarser sandpaper will work faster, but a finer grit will provide a smoother finish. You should ideally start with coarser paper and move to a finer grit as you progress.

Stay Safe

An oscillating tool relies on speed when sanding wood, and that will kick up a lot of dust. Make sure you're wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes, and secure the item that you are sanding with a vise. Oscillating tools work best when sanding smaller items, so using a vise is practically a must.

Start Slow

When you begin sanding, set the multi-tool at the lowest setting. Apply a light but even pressure to ensure that you attain a smooth finish. You may have to go a little faster as you progress, so use your best judgment to ensure you aren't being too hasty and leaving visible scratches in the wood. 

Keep A Steady Hand

No matter how fast you are going, it's important to move at a consistent speed as you glide the sanding attachment over the surface of the wood. This reduces the chances that you will make mistakes that could hurt the wood's appearance or cause an injury.

Finish With a Finer Grit

As we said before, choosing the proper sandpaper is important to any sanding task. Start with a coarser grit to remove the roughest areas of the wood's surface, and go over the surface with a finer grit to smooth everything out.

Touch Up Your Work By Hand

Whenever you're sanding anything, always remember that the most precision tasks can be better done by hand as opposed to using a tool. An oscillating multi-tool is versatile, and it does work well when sanding smaller items, but don't be afraid to give your item a once-over by hand to ensure the smoothest possible finish. Most of the work will be done by the time you reach this stage, so don't worry about having to put forth too much effort when sanding by hand.

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