The Bona Fide Bathroom: A Quick Rundown Of Choice Multi Tool Attachments In The Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be tricky business, but an oscillating multi tool makes the process much easier. Here, we take a good look at what kinds of multi tool attachments are available for your Fein MultiMaster and why they work well in bathroom remodeling projects.

Specialty Diamond Blade 

This precious addition to your multi blade collection is your weapon of choice for cutting tile and removing grout (you can read all about it here). Cut down on expenses by cutting your corner and wall tiles yourself for a perfect fit every time.

Flush Scraper

Also an indispensable addition to your replacement Fein attachments collection, the flush scraper will replace your chisel or paint scraper in almost all areas. With a 2-inch width, this is your go-to attachment for removing dried paint and various types of adhesives or bonding agents that spill onto your concrete, linoleum, or hardwood floors without leaving scars. If you have a tile bathroom, you can easily scrape up excess grout from tile surfaces; in  a linoleum bathroom, flush scrapers can just as easily tidy up adhesives. A flush scraper can also remove grout from between tiles, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the specialty diamond blade in that department.

Flat Scraper

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: why do I need two scrapers? There is, in fact, a good reason. While the flush scraper is best for surface cleaning, flat scraper blades are generally sharper and are ideal for removing old caulk from your bathroom. Cutting away old caulk with a an oscillating flat scraper is like slicing bread with an electric knife. With this attachment, your days of push and pull with the ol’ chisel are over.

Nail Eater / Demolition Blades

If your bathroom remodeling project involves a plumbing overhaul, you’ll want this in your arsenal. These Fein attachments, or their cheaper replacement counterparts, make quick work of copper piping so you can recycle it or take it to the scrap yard for some extra cash. They are also ideal for making quick plunge cuts to adjust bathroom fittings such as sinks and toilets.

If your initial measurements turn out to be a bit small, it’s easy to adjust on the fly with a demolition multi tool blade. Although standard demolition blades certainly don’t lack the power to cut through copper piping, a titanium bi-metal blade is much wider and thus much easier to use on rounded surfaces - you can read about it here.

All blades mentioned above are available from replacement blade manufacturers if you decide that Fein is charging too much. Once you’ve got the right replacement Fein attachments at the right price, all you need is a detailed plan when going all in for a bathroom overhaul. After all, multi blade replacements are cheap, but hiring a professional to fix your mistakes is not.


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