The Oscillating Tool Marketplace: A Quick Overview

Oscillating multi tools are becoming more popular every day. Whether you are looking into making an investment in a multi tool, or you already own one and would like to know whether or not you were swindled, follow along for a quick summary of your options and what you can expect to pay.

Fein MultiMaster Start Q - Starting at $179.00

This tool has received some of the best ratings out there when it comes to multi tools. Its German maker has been at the helm of the oscillating multi tool industry and remains on top with its performance and durability. Fein MultiMasters come with a confidence-boosting 3-year warranty, rather than the paltry one year required by law.

The starter pack comes with a carrying case and three blades: a universal E-cut blade, a scraper blade, and a triangular sanding pad with 20 sanding sheets.

Bosch MX25E - Starting at $159.00

Bosch’s entry-level multi tool gives the Fein MultiMaster a run for its money. Its 2.5 Amp motor gives the MX25E enough power for extended quality performance. Bosch starter kits come with 5 blades and an adapter for fitting non-Bosch blades to the device, all in a carrying case.

As for convenience and reliability, however, Fein has a leg up. Bosch comes with the standard one-year warranty, and its accessories must be changed with a wrench (as opposed to the quick-release mounting system Fein tools offer).

Dremel Multi-Max - Starting at $129.00

With a 2.5 Amp motor, Dremel’s Multi-Max is undoubtedly a top dog. Like the Fein MultiMaster, it has a Quick-Lock accessory change system and offers an extended warranty (2 years).

Although reviews for this product are mostly positive, it just doesn’t seem to match the performance quality and durability of the Fein and Bosch models. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, however, this might be the multi tool for you.

Craftsman Model # 2702 - Starting at $67.9

Don’t let the low price fool you - Craftman’s entry-level multi tool is both reliable and convenient, with an adjustable speed dial and an LED work light on the front end. However, you do get what you pay for - Fein and Bosch will put this one to shame in performance. One weak point seems to be the 2.0 Amp motor, which isn’t as powerful as the Fein or Bosch models. Some users also criticize the clunky accessory mounting system. However, if you are just looking for a basic, reliable model and need a deal, this one does fit the bill.

Attachments - Significant price variation

Now you’re probably asking yourself, What about all those blades? Should I buy them straight from the tool manufacturer? You will hear all sorts of opinions about the matter, but blade replacement for oscillating multi-tools can be compared to buying blade replacement for razors you use to shave your face. Buying that brand-name, ultra-comfort, face-hugging beard snipper seems like a good deal until you need new blades, which cost more than the razor itself!

Not to fear - oscillating multi-tool users have another option. Buying your replacement blades from a replacement blade retailer can significantly reduce the upkeep cost of your multi tool; the low prices offered from blade retailers can also help you diversify the functions of your multi tool.

There is an oscillating multi tool out there for every buyer, whether quality or price is your top priority. And once you’ve invested in your tool, you will be ready to buy lots of fun attachments. With the prices available in the replacement attachment market, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store - just like there’s an app for that, you can bet there’s an attachment for that.


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