The Wide Multi Blade: A (Somewhat) Comprehensive Guide To Mastering Fein MultiMaster Blades

If you own a Fein MultiMaster or other multi tool, odds are you’ve been stumped over which attachment is right for the job at hand at some point. With a wide range of blades are available, variations between them can often seem miniscule. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the difference that a mere half-inch of extra blade width can make. Here are a few areas where wide blade attachments are the surefire pick.

Home Demolition: Wider is Better

For any kind of home demolition, salvage, or remodeling project, wide multi blades give you a lot of bang for your buck. Starting at just a few dollars from blade replacement retailers, these attachments are an invaluable addition to your collection. Although the wide blade is comparable to smaller blades when making long, straight cuts in many different materials, its extra width packs more cutting power.

Wide multi blades’ 2.5 inch width can power through drywall or plaster, and can even make quick 2x4” board cuts. Wide multi blades are thus an indispensable item in home demolition projects - replacing drywall, helping knock down walls, or even plumbing makeovers.

Here’s a quick tip: a cautious demolisher is a smart demolisher. Although demo projects call for a certain amount of brawn, the process is extremely dirty and unforgiving. Before you decide to sledge your wall to smithereens, it’s a good idea to first get a look at what life is like behind the wall. If there is plumbing or electrical wire, a simple panel cut delivered by a wide multi blade can let you know. Since multi tools create an insignificant amount of dust and debris when cutting, using a wide multi blade during the demolition process can seriously reduce your mess (and your cleanup time).

Metal on Metal

Who would have known that a tool the size of a hair dryer could cut through pipes, nails, screws and the like? Although an oscillating multi tool is no substitute for a hair dryer, its wide multi blades are great even with delicate tasks. For demolition projects, the wide multi blade can complement hammers and pry bars by making small entry cuts or cutting through tough nails and screws in hard-to-reach places.

Wide multi blades are also ideal for cutting through circular materials where the blade has a small contact area, such as copper or PVC pipes. The extra width makes for an easier and more precise cut as opposed to narrow blades, which can slip off of curved surfaces. In other words, you don’t need a surgeon’s steady hand to cut pipe if you use a wider blade. Add this to the superior maneuverability of an oscillating multi tool, and you’ve got yourself your cutting-edge cutting edge for plumbing overhauls.

Titanium Bi-Metal Blades

As far as multi tool attachments go, titanium bi-metal blades are the next step in evolution. Although it has a smaller width than traditional wide multi blades, it compensates in length and raw cutting power. With a 1 ¾” width and 2 ¼” cutting depth, a bi-metal blade can literally go where no multi blade has gone before; its special bi-metal and titanium coat make this multi tool attachment a must-have. Stay posted for more information about titanium bi-metal blade projects in the (Somewhat) Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Fein MultiMaster Blade Replacements.



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