Titanium Bi-Metal Blade: A (Somewhat) Comprehensive Guide To Mastering Replacement Fein MultiMaster Blades

Odds are that you’re starting to get the hang of your multi tool, and hopefully the ideas you get from this guide are helpful. Today we explore the latest and greatest in multi tool attachments: the titanium bi-metal blade. Although a titanium bi-metal blade performs many of the same jobs as regular multi tool blade attachments (such as the wide multi blade covered last article), there are many unique bonuses to purchasing one.


The Nail Eater

Nicknames usually have to be earned, especially when it comes to power tools. The same holds true for the Fein MultiMaster Titanium Bi-Metal blade and its wallet-friendly replacement: the blade is fittingly nicknamed “The Nail Eater.” Why, you ask? While it doesn’t literally eat nails (or screws for that matter), with a 2 ¼” blade depth, titanium bi-metal blades are some of the deepest cutting blades in the multi tool arsenal. Any home improvement connoisseur with a nail problem would be well advised to purchase a titanium bi-metal multi tool blade.


Bi-metal attachments give you strength not before witnessed in a multi tool blade, along with a titanium coat that lubricates and protects those blades from degradation. Whatever project you are using your titanium bi-metal blade for, you can rest assured that it won’t break (within reason, of course - it may be able to break you loose from handcuffs, but don’t expect it to saw through a police car). Starting at around $12.50 from blade manufacturers, titanium bi-metal blades can run a little steep, so replacement versions are a much better – and more cost-effective – option.



Demolition And More

If you have been following this series, the last article focused on the demolition power of wide multi blades. While wide multi blades are still superior to titanium bi-metal blades in the width department by about ¾,” titanium bi-metal blades outperform them in almost every aspect. Remove doors and windows with unprecedented ease using titanium bi-metal blades; even slice right through piping and other tough materials with confidence that your blade will emerge unscathed.

Of course, you want to use proper technique with all your multi tool blades. You don’t want to put a huge amount of pressure on them. Even with its extra-tough bi-metal and titanium coat, titanium bi-metal blades are not impervious to human error. Use a low to moderate amount of pressure when making cuts with your blades, and be sure to move your multi tool back and forth in order to use as many of the blade teeth as possible. Although the titanium-coated blades are with you for the long haul, you don’t want extended use to render the middle part of your blade useless while the outsides remain sharp.

Pricing for a titanium bi-metal blade runs a bit higher than the rest (it’s almost two times the price of a wide multi blade), but you certainly won’t regret your investment, especially if you buy a replacement blade. These babies come with all of the benefits of a wide multi blade, but with significantly higher durability and cutting power. You don’t want to get left out of the bi-metal loop.


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