Top 5 Oscillating Multi-tool Blades for Cutting Wood

Owners of oscillating multi-tools are possessive over their prized possessions and are extremely picky about the quality of blades they use. Though today most blades for casual tasks like sanding, filing, cutting etc. are not brand specific, choosing the right oscillating multi tool blades is essential for carrying out a task with finesse.

If you are planning to use your tool for wood-related projects, the following oscillating multi tool blades can help you around the job site.

Imperial coarse tooth oscillating blade

This cutting blade with titanium coating is ideal for cutting and sanding soft material like wood and plaster quickly. Time consuming tasks like making flush cuts under doors after making changes to the floor or sanding new windows to fit into old frames can be done effortlessly with this blade. It can also be used to cut wood around tight corners.

Japanese fine tooth wide cut oscillating blade

Carpentry requires precise cutting and that’s why the fine-tooth oscillating saw blade is the perfect tool.  The Japanese style “J” tooth design makes for accurate cuts in wood. This makes the blade most reliable among all oscillating multi tools blades used for cutting wood. Made from high-carbon steel, these single fit blades can be fitted onto both old and new oscillating tools.

Wood cutting blade with nail cutting capacity

If you have broken expensive wood cutting blades on rusted nails, then you know how frustrating sanding old wood can be. To avoid such incidents again, invest in wood cutting multi tool blades that are cheap and have the capacity to cut through embedded nails and small metal pieces with precision and can also fit on any modern oscillating multi-tool.

Chrome vanadium blade

For performing quick carpentry tasks like repairing broken furniture or sanding old pieces, this blade with two rows of alternating teeth is ideal and can be used on any oscillating tool. The precise spacing between both rows of teeth enables the easy removal of sawdust during sanding, which reduces tendency of wood burning.

Dewalt wide oscillating fast cut wood blade

This blade is designed to fit easily on all popular brands of oscillating tools without the use of adaptors. Its wide blade measuring 2-5/8” is ideal for cutting wooden planks or smoothing out extruding pieces of wood from furniture.

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