Types of Fein Oscillating Multi-Tools for Craftsman Work

Fein is a great company that sells all kinds of products that specialize in metal fabrication, automotive industries, and interior construction. They offer professionally-oriented solutions by manufacturing innovative and efficient power tools. There are basically three categories of Fein oscillating tools: the inexpensive multi-talent device, the Multimaster tool, and the well-known supercut power tool. Each of these tools is corded, and you have the option of cordless as well.

1. Fein MultiMaster Device

The most popular version of Fein is the Multimaster corded tool that costs $350 and provides you with a complementary set of accessories to get started. The Starlock Plus blade tool has a self-supporting motor with the vibration decoupling system. It helps you install and eject blades without having to touch them.

2. Fein MultiTalent Power Tool

The Fein multi-talent power tool is for anyone looking for an inexpensive professional oscillating multi-tool that offers excellent value for money. This is a great tool that doesn’t let you compromise on quality and performance. It is a 250 watt corded which you can get for $199 bucks. The multi-tool device has the speed adjustable control on the side with a number dial system. If you’re looking for an entry-level tool to perform a majority of your stuff like trim work, and light duty construction work, the Fein multi-talent device is a perfect choice.  

3. Fein SuperCut Multi-Tool

Last but not the least is the Fein SuperCut Construction oscillating power tool that ensures maximum performance and service life. This is one of the most powerful devices for performing special DIY and construction tasks. The impressive tool can cut laminated beams like a power saw. The variable speed dial system can take your efficiency to the next level. The on/off switch will let you lock the multi-tool and offer better control over what you’re cutting. The vibration dampening feature can provide a smoother and more powerful cutting experience. The toolkit costs about $459 from Fein. The easy blade change system and fantastic performance make it the best model on the market.

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