Types of Fitz All Blades Available for Online Orders

An oscillating multi-tool fitted with the correct blade can cut through wood, plastic metals, concrete boards, sheetrock, and more. The key is to use the right blade or attachment for your work. The secret of getting the most out of your oscillating power tool is using a high-quality blade that matches your job. At Fitz All Blades, we manufacture replacement blades from high-performance alloys to cut hard materials. Each one goes through a micro phrase hardening process that improves performance and makes the blade sharper and longer. Our replacement multi-tool blades are designed perfectly to fit in standard power tools like Bosch, Dremel, and Fein Multimaster. We offer a variety of replacements for oscillating tool blades at affordable prices. A few of our high-quality, low-cost replacement blades are listed below.

1. Japan Tooth Multi Tool Blades

When it comes to cutting wood, Japan tooth multi-tool blades are the top of the line. They feature a Japanese style tooth design with a double row of alternating bevel teeth. They are the best choice for clean, fast cuts in wood. The spacing between the blade teeth allows for sawdust and small particles to be expelled, greatly reducing any tendency to burn. This blade is a good choice for cutting door jams and casings during tile, wood or laminate flooring installations. It will not leave any stains or marks on the material being cut. This fine-toothed version of Japan multi-tool blades is suited for plunge cuts in drywall, especially when cutting for electrical boxes.

2. New Titanium Coated Bi-Metal Multi Tool Blades

This extra long blade has sharp teeth, and titanium coating makes it suitable for cutting bolts and trimming off bent nails that are difficult to remove. You can use the multi-tool blade to cut pipes when there is not enough space to use conventional plumbing tools. It also makes an excellent choice for cutting through framing nails during demolition.

3. Halfmoon Flush Cut Multi Tool Blades

The half-moon flush cut blades made from high-speed steel offers excellent straight-line cuttings to a variety of materials like drywall, wood, ply wood, cement board, fiberglass, and plastics. The semi-circular blades prevent you from over cutting into adjacent surfaces.

4. Braized Carbide Multi Tool Blades

These blades have no teeth, but instead, have a heavy carbide coating attached to their sharp cutting edges. These are perfect for removing grout, dried adhesives, and thick paint. They can also grind tough materials like brick and concrete, and even remove mortar material during tile repairs.

Diamond versions of multi-tool blades excel when it comes to plunge cutting in concrete boards and removing tile grouts. You can also check out other stainless steel blades with no teeth in our inventory.

If you’re looking to buy an inexpensive replacement for your existing multi-tool blade, visit our online store Fitz All Blades!

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