Using A Craftsman Nextec To Increase Your Home's Value

Many homeowners would like to maximize the value of their home. Not only can it yield a higher return when selling, but the improvements can improve the aesthetic qualities as well. In a housing market that's still somewhat unstable in many areas, the right home improvements can mean the difference between quickly closing a sale and having it sit for months or even years. Here are some ideas and how you can utilize a Craftsman Nextec multi tool to make projects easier. 

Electrical And Plumbing Updates

This is one of the best ways to increase the value significantly. While this isn't always necessary for newer homes, older ones can greatly benefit by installing new electrical work and plumbing pipes. Although this is fairly inexpensive, it leads to a 260 percent return on investment on average. Using an oscillating multi tool like a Craftsman Nextec along with some attachable blades can help you move through these projects with greater ease.

Exterior Improvements

Since the first thing that prospective home buyers will see is the outside of a home, it makes sense to spend some time sprucing it up. If you have siding that's looking worn, it's a good idea to replace it with new siding for a nice look. If your home has paint that's chipping and peeling, applying a fresh coat can make a huge difference. Even if your home is 40 years or older, new paint can make it come alive and restore it to its former glory. 

For homes with a deck, it's smart to give it a pressure washing or apply a stain. You could also install some additional features like a pergola or arbor. Making cuts with a Craftsman Nextec should simplify many tasks involved with these installations. Doing some landscaping is another way to increase curb appeal without spending a fortune. Adding some flower beds, planting a tree or two and installing solar walkway lights are all possibilities.

New Flooring 

If the existing flooring of your home is in less than stellar shape, there are a few options. In the case of wood floors, you can replenish them for a solid return on your investment. When it comes to carpeting, pulling it up and replacing it with a new style is relatively cheap, but highly effective. In certain rooms, you may even want to consider installing tile which is perfect for keeping rooms cool in the warmer months. Once again, a Craftsman Nextec can be used for many flooring tasks. 

Interior Paint

If you have one or more rooms that look dingy or are ugly because of an outdated paint color, it's a good idea try out a new color. You can stick to traditional colors like white or beige, or be a bit more daring. A couple of coats can be applied relatively quickly but have a major impact on a room's aesthetics. 

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