Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool for all Sorts of Bathroom Repairs

An oscillating multi-tool is well-known for its versatility. Often used in carpentry because a sharp blade can make for accurate cuts in very small spaces, multi-tools are also very useful in other rooms in the house as well. Because of the ease you can change the multi-tool’s blade, here are a number of ways that an oscillating multi-tool can make doing work in the bathroom a lot easier.

Making Floor Work Easier

A multi-tool can make short work of clearing out a floor for tile work. Often pieces of tile will remain stuck, as well as coagulated adhesive. By using a non-sharp blade, the multi-tool can break off old tile and remove extra glue, which will make installation of a new tile a snap!

Using a Multi-Tool to Cut Rusty Faucet Nuts

By using a saw blade, it’s very easy to use a multi-tool to cut through rusty nails. Faucet nuts are naturally subjected to more moisture than most appliances are, so they often get rusty and impossible to remove with a wrench. If rust removers aren’t working, the next step is a metal cutter blade for your multi-tool. With the right blade, a rusty faucet nut can be removed in minutes.

Removing Racks

Toilet paper and towel racks are usually installed in one of two ways: either they are screwed in or they are glued on with a form of adhesive. No matter which type of installation is done, if you find that you need to remove a rack, unsightly and hard-to-remove residue is often left over from a previous installation. Using a duller blade, an oscillating multi-tool can make short work of the leftover residue of a towel or toilet paper rack for easy installation of a replacement or removal to a different location altogether.

Using the Scraper Blade to Clean Off Excess Gunk and Grout

Cleaning up, in general, is much easier when using an oscillating multi-tool with a dull blade. The tool can remove leftover adhesive, grout and other stuck-on problems all over a bathroom floor. And for grout in between tiles that has gotten dirty, a multi-tool is useful for both cleaning out the grout between tiles, as well as cutting into excess grout from a tile installation. Grout can also be removed for neat removal of just one or two tiles for installation of racks or replacement tiles.

Easier Toilet Removal by Cutting Toilet Bolts

Removing a toilet can be one of the trickier tasks in bathroom maintenance for two reasons. The first is that the metal parts of toilets often have a lot of contact with water, leading to rust. The second is that toilets are almost never replaced, meaning that they are often some of the oldest appliances in a bathroom. What this means is that bolts holding down a toilet are almost always rusty. Like faucet bolts, a metal-cutting multi-tool blade can make short work of toilet bolts, making removal and installation of a new toilet much easier.

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