Fein Multimaster

Fein Multimaster Blades

Fein Multimaster Blades come in a wide variety so that they can trim, cut, shape, sculpt, scrape, clean, score, or rip through a huge range of materials. You can use them for scores of different uses – cutting drawer guides for cabinets, installing hardwood floors, installing carpet, sculpting wood, doing leather work, cutting in electrical boxes, scraping up dried paint / grout / concrete, trimming tile, scoring stone, putting up paneling, cutting out nails and screws, ripping out old plumbing, and many, many other purposes. After years of using Fein Multimaster multi tools, we are still discovering new uses for these blades all the time.

That’s why we are so happy to be able to offer our customers a gigantic discount on our aftermarket for Fein multimaster blades. All of our blades are made to be durable, accurate, and very reliable. We use some of the toughest materials around to make our various blades – stainless steel, high speed steel, titanium coatings, diamond edges, and whatever else is needed to create blades that will deliver the performance that the modern craftsman needs.

The oscillating multi tool is one of the most clever tool inventions of all time, the equivalent of having a truck load of tools that you can carry easily and conveniently. With a Fein Multimaster multi tool and a handful of blades, you can do a range of jobs that would have been unthinkable just a couple of decades ago. That’s why it’s so important to us to offer the best replacement blades we can – high performance blades at a fraction of usual retail price. We love fein multimaster multi tools, and we enjoy seeing our customers maximize their use of these great inventions, building, fixing, and improving the world one project at a time – and saving money while they do it.