Best Gift Ideas for Avid DIYers, Carpenters, and Home Renovators

Oscillating tools can make clean and precise cuts becuase of  their side-to-side cutting movements. These multi-purpose or multifunction tools can be a perfect gift for anyone looking to make repairs or renovation work. These devices are the ideal solution for cutting just about anything. Manufacturers around the world offer an effective selection of multitasking tools to perform anything from precision cutting to rough-cutting.Whether you’re in the market for multi-tools or home improvement products, here are a few powerful devices you can give away as gifts:

1.Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi Tool

The popular Rockwell Sonicrafter is a must-have device for those working in carpentry or construction field. They can be used to grind, sand, scrape, saw, and polish wood and carry out heavy duty tasks like cutting cement, drywall, and fiberglass. As the tool moves from side to side quickly, you can make accurate cuts even in tight corners of doors and windows. The lightweight machinery includes an easy-to-grip handle, powerful motor, variable speed settings, and safety clamp to prevent slippage. The multi-tool can be used to perform home repairs, remove thick paint, dig out grout, trim door molding, cut drywall, and plumbing pipes, and tackle wood carving projects. The tool comes with a  kit of different blades and accessories to provide comfort, high-quality performance,and other helpful features. Although, since these blades are prone to wear and tear and expensive to replace, we suggest buying aftermarket Rockwell Sonicrafter blades from us. Our products are low cost yet made from high quality materials,
thus guaranteed to last for a long time!

2.Chicago Electric Oscillating Multi-Tool

Every DIYer should own the low cost Chicago electric multi-function tool, one of the smallest muti tools out there. The Harbor Freight oscillating tool consists of a variable speed dial and a power switch. Even though the machine doesn’t have much brand popularity, it has firm precision control over detail work and tough jobs. With this tool, you can get value-oriented solutions at affordable prices. The device comes with a kit of 30 attachments for performing a variety of tasks like cutting through cable, plasterboard, pipes, and sanding down stone, cement, tile adhesive, plaster, wood, concrete, and paint. As it allows for fast and easy attachment changes, this two-handed tool is perfect for professionals doing remodeling and repair jobs. If you’re looking to gift an affordable multi-function power tool, Chicago electric multi-function tool might be the best choice. We’d suggest adding an aftermarket Chicago multi-tool kit to the kit. Our blades last long and very affordable!  

3.Craftsman Nextec Multi-Functional Device

With the Craftsman Nextec multi-tool, you can almost perform any job with ease. The modern DIY power tool can handle many heavy duty tasks without a problem. The quick release change system, powerful battery, and variable speed dial ensure high-quality performance. The lightweight power device is a convenient and versatile tool with the bright LED light option and has a high battery runtime. This fantastic tool is used to scrape paint, cut nails, wood, plastic, and other materials. The device comes with an assortment of accessories that include carbide circular adhesive removal blade, hardened steel scraper blade, high-speed circular saw blade, and carbide triangular rasps to make your construction work easier and stronger. This will be a great multi-tasking tool for anyone looking to put the finishing touches on tough projects or to tackle odd jobs around the home. Of course, these blades wear out with heat and over time, so include a set of replacement Craftsman multi-tool attachments to make your gift special.

These are some of the best tools to gift to the crafstmen in your life to improve their time at work.

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