Craftsman Nextec

Craftsman Nextec Tool Blades

If you have a hand full of Craftsman Nextec Multi Tool blades and a Craftsman oscillating tool with a power source, then you can do just about anything. Craftsman is one of the most trusted brand names in the tool world, and their multi tool is a thing of beauty. It really is like having a whole truck load of tools in one, depending on which Craftsman Nextec Multi Tool blades you choose to bring along on a given occasion. Since they are so small and light, you can easily bring along the whole collection in your pocket – turning your pocket into a tool box. If that is not convenient, we don’t know what is. You can find blades for long cuts, precise cuts, shaping, scraping dried paint and adhesives, rip cuts, trimming tile, cleaning dried grout and concrete, cutting nails and screws, scoring stone and concrete, fabricating fiberglass and plexiglass, installing drywall, ripping out copper pipe, installing hardwood floors, finishing cabinet jobs, and just about anything else you can think of. The uses of these incredible blades really seem to be limitless. We keep finding more and more ways to use these blades, and so do our customers.

We are happy to be able to help you buy extremely high quality replacements for Craftsman Nextec Multi Tool blades at extraordinarily low prices. We use the best designs and materials in the making of our blades – stainless steel, high speed steel, diamond edges, titanium coating, or whatever is needed to make each blade perform with optimum precision and durability. Best of all, our blades cost you a fraction of the price of name brand retail blades, which means you can save a fortune and still get the very high quality that you demand for your projects.