Fein Specialty Diamond Blades: A (Somewhat) Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Replacement Fein MultiMaster Blades

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That may have been true for Ms. Monroe, but we have entered a brave new world where diamonds don’t discriminate based on gender. Nowadays, both men and women can enjoy the sweet sound of a specialty diamond blade grinding its way into concrete, ceramic, plastic, or any other hard material you thought was impervious to your multi tool. While they certainly aren’t as romantic, specialty diamond blades are much more useful and miles cheaper than diamond rings - especially if you go for replacement Fein specialty diamond blades.

Not Just For Show

Replacement Fein specialty diamond blades are as tough as they are pretty, since synthetic diamond is one of the toughest materials known to mankind. While the entire blade may not be made with diamond, your diamond-coated blade will still stand up to massive amounts of pressure - after all, it was pressure that created the diamond to begin with.

With that in mind, what kind of projects should are best suited for a specialty diamond blade? Try just about anything your regular metal blades weren’t meant to do. For example, replacement Fein specialty diamond blades make bathroom or other tiling jobs a breeze. A Fein MultiMaster equipped with specialty diamond blades is arguably the best tool for removing grout (and certainly the best multi tool attachment for the job).

For the tiles themselves, diamond blades are powerful yet precise. Fitting tiles into those awkward wall or corner spaces is easy thanks to your diamond blade, which cuts through tiles with ease to streamline the remodeling process. For best results, be sure to keep your diamond blade wet (as with most diamond tools), and only make cuts on solid, stable surfaces.

Bang For Your Buck

If you’ve been following this series about multi tool attachments, you might have gleaned that multi blades, while unsurpassed in convenience, should not be treated like the end-all of power tools. Multi blades are small tools, and cannot generally tackle enormous projects on their own. The specialty diamond blade, however, is a step up from other multi blades in terms of durability. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not forever, but they do last quite a while as a multi tool attachment.

Because this is a specialty blade with a diamond coating we’re talking about, most retailers will charge you upwards of $50 for a single blade. Don’t be fooled - quality replacement Fein specialty diamond blades are available from blade manufacturers starting at $10.99.


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