Fitz ALL Blades May Have the Perfect Stocking Suffers

Some people are hard to buy for – extremely hard to buy for.  And one of the old traditions that’s getting more and more tricky to keep up is that of hanging Christmas Stockings.  Many families still hang their stockings during the Winter Holidays, and enjoy the tradition of putting little presents in them.  People sometimes find that this is more of a challenge than they thought, because it’s hard to come up with good, useful, small presents that are not too cheap or too expensive.  One of the typical stocking stuffers, candy, can have obvious problems.  It doesn’t always work to fill the stocking with the candy because some people are on diets, or have medical conditions that make sweets a very bad idea.  You could stuff the stocking with jewelry and watches, but that gets pretty expensive.  Music and movies sometimes work, if you know what they like and what they don’t have yet.

There’s a fun little alternative that may be great for some people – multi tool blades.  It may sound a bit silly at first, but craftsmen, craftswomen, sculptors, carpenters, drywall hangers, concrete workers, plumbers, contractors, and many other kinds of people spend hours a week with an oscillating multi tool in their hands.  These tools have revolutionized many industries.  They are versatile, light, and easy to use.  You can switch the blades out to change the tool’s function in a few seconds.  People love them.  The only drawback is that the blades eventually wear out, and the name brand equipment, like fein blades or dremel accessories, are really expensive.  If someone in your family uses these tools, you can snoop around a little bit, find out what blades they use, and then buy replacements through  You can save them a bundle, and make their lives easier, by stocking them up on some of their favorite blades, and maybe a little bit of candy or a movie so they have some variety.  Not everyone would appreciate a handful of diamond edged fein blades or some high quality steel dremel accessories in their stockings, people who use an oscillating multi tool regularly are going to be delighted when they find their favorite brand of scraper blades hung by the chimney with care.  It helps them out, and it shows that you really put some thought into their presents.

They expect the same junk food in the stocking and what do you know?!  “It’s a Christmas Miracle!  I was almost out of these blades!  I go through them like tissues on the job!”  You have maintained the time-honored Christmas tradition of stocking hanging with a practical, modern twist.  If you know someone who uses these tools, you may want to give it a try.

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