Using Rockwell Sonicrafter Blades For DIY Projects

Grout Removal

Removing grout from kitchen and bathroom tile is often a painstaking process without the right tools. Doing it manually can take hours and leave your hands feeling arthritic. Fortunately, using an oscillating multi tool along with Rockwell Sonicrafter blades can streamline this process and remove grout in a hurry. With approximately 20,000 strokes per minute, the vibration can make quick work of grout. Steadily holding the multi tool and running it along the cracks between tiles should remove old grout without doing any damage to the tiles and minimize flying debris.

Cutting Pipes And Rusted Bolts 

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to cut through these and similar materials, Rockwell Sonicrafter blades are ideal. Whether dealing with plastic, copper or even galvanized metal pipes, a multi tool will give you a precision cut with minimal effort. This is especially helpful when working with limited space or in awkward positions where sawing by hand is impossible. In the event that you need to remove rusted bolts or ones that are so stripped that they're immovable, an oscillating multi tool in conjunction with the right blade can get quick results. 

Removing Old Paint

Dealing with cracked, peeling paint is never a fun job. Using manual tools can take forever and produce limited results. If you're dealing with hard to reach areas, it can take even longer. However, attaching Rockwell Sonicrafter blades to an oscillating mutli tool will pull peeling paint right off and make the job a lot less tedious. Afterward, you can also attach a sanding pad to the mutli tool to get a nice, smooth finish. 

Removing Moldings

Trying to pry off old molding from a baseboard or window with traditional tools usually results in damage. It's just hard to get a clean cut. While this isn't a problem if you plan on throwing old molding away, it's definitely a problem if you're looking to salvage it. Utilizing a fine-tooth metal-cutting blade on a multi tool will allow you to effectively cut through molding, several coats of paint, caulk or whatever else happens to be attached. This way you can keep everything in one piece and save the molding for other projects. 

Mortar Removal

If you're ever tried to get rid of mortar from a sub-floor, you probably know what a pain it can be. Once dried adhesives have been sitting on the bottom of flooring for an extended period of time, they can become rock hard and difficult to remove. One of the best solutions is to use Rockwell Sonicrafter bladeslike the Braized Carbide Rasp Multi Tool Blades to grind away at the mortar. This triangular shaped blade is ideal for turning dried adhesives to dust with very little effort. Due to its shape, you can also get into corners without a struggle. 
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