You Nailed It! Nail Eater to the Rescue!

You’re working away on your current DIY home improvement project. Plugging away at your list (and it’s a mighty long list, isn’t it?) when you hit a snag. Unwanted nails, when you least expect them, can really slow a project down. The Nail Eater Multi Tool Blade can really save your day. At less than $8, they’re not tough on your wallet either. 

Think about the last time you were working hard and a few inconvenient nails slowed, or stopped, your progress. What did you do to remove nails? Go get your reciprocating saw, switch out the blade to one that cuts through metal, plug it in (probably using an extension cord) and saw through the nail most likely. Maybe you even sawed away at it by hand with a hacksaw? 

Wouldn't you like an easier way? I can tell you the Nail Eater Multi Tool Blade cuts through those nails like they are butter. It saves a ton of time. Your  project will get completed  much faster, and with a lot fewer headaches and hassles. 

What if you have a project that requires a little more precision? Say you decide to pull up your carpet and refinish the hardwood floors that lay underneath. The chance of you finding extra nails is pretty good. You certainly don’t want to hack away at your hardwoods with a reciprocating saw. 

Using an oscillating tool with the Nail Eater blade will give you the precision you need. You’ll easily remove nails sticking through the floor boards without cutting up the boards themselves. What can quickly become a toilsome project is now much easier and faster.   

Renovating your bathroom?

Bathroom projects can be some of the most time-intensive and hassle-inducing of all home improvement projects. Nobody likes to move plumbing. It’s not easy,but sometimes it’s necessary. So what do you do when you encounter a copper pipe sticking out of the wall that you don’t want  anymore? The Nail Eater blade can take care of that pipe, no sweat!


Installing new flooring?

Whether it’s carpet or tile, you'll likely be faced with door casings that need trimming. Whether or not there are nails hiding in those wood casings, it’s no problem with the right tool. Plus, you can trim those casings to the precise degree needed to limit the gap between them and the new flooring.  

Whether you’re zipping right through nails, cutting through unwanted pipes, or trimming wood, this tool will help you with many different projects. The $7.88 that a single Nail Eater blade costs is lower than many other replacement blades, and you won’t be skimping on quality! This could very well become your most useful and favorite tool in your toolbox! 





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