NEW & IMPROVED Nail Eater Multi Tool Blades

NEW & IMPROVED Nail Eater Multi Tool Blades

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Nail Eater Multi Tool Blades

1 3/8” Width

1 5/8” Cutting Depth

Applications: Wood,nails,copper pipe, plastic, drywall, soft metal

Best known for cutting nails from wood, removing doors and windows

Sometimes you have to tear things apart before you can put things together.  That’s where this blade comes in.  These Nail Eater / Demolition  Multi Tool Blades are great for ripping out the old so you can bring in the new.  Some blade manufacturers demonstrate their “100 nail challenge,” cutting through 100 nails in a board with one blade... KID’S STUFF!  We tried their challenge, and it WAS no challenge.  If this blade could talk, it would have said, “Nice appetizer!  Where’s the main course?”  That’s why it has been called “a hacksaw on steroids.”  In fact, it uses the same 2x wave tooth pattern as a classic hacksaw.  Its 1 3/8” wide blade makes 1 5/8” deep cuts that will zip right through nails, copper pipe, plastic, and metal.  Customers say that they love using it to cut the mesh in wall plaster, and it even cuts the metal corner pieces.  Drywall doesn’t stand a chance – “like a hot knife through butter.”  Depending on your projects, you may need to remove doors or windows, get rid of old plumbing, remove nails to salvage useable wood, or tear out walls to open up a space.  You may be replacing old materials, fixing damage from the elements, or gutting an entire building to salvage valuable materials.  You may even have to re-fix a job that a less skilled craftsman “fixed” before you got to it.  Whatever you need to cut apart, for whatever reason, this blade can probably help.  FitzALLBlades’ unique arbor design combines amazing cutting power with top precision, letting you cut pretty much anything you want to cut, and ONLY what you want to cut.  Precision, versatility, and power all come together in one affordable blade.

To get the most out of this blade please use the following technique: 

Do not just push the blade into the nail and try to cut it with force . Instead use a light pressure and move the blade back and forth , using as many of the teeth as possible. This will give you a better cut and will greatly extend the life of your blade.